Sunday, February 27, 2011

Paul Wolfowitz- Still a Moron

Wolfowitz today:

" Saudi Arabia doesn't treat its - its subjects as trash. It doesn't kill them, brutalize them and threaten to take them back to the Stone Age."

I doesn't threaten to take them back to the stone age?  That's only because they're still in the stone age.


Poll P. said...

I play a lot of video strategy games, and I do think the Saudi society is several levels up from stone Age. They have bronze and iron working, organized religion, monarchy, and animal husbandry. Looks to me like post-classical/early medieval era.

Morally Depraved Liberal said...

Rape is okay with the Saudis if the judge can be convinced the poor woman was asking for it. Then they stone her.

Yeah. Real nice people.

Saint Joan said...

Yes, but to BE female is to be asking for it, in their eyes. The males are taught to believe that the females are as horny and uncontrolled as themselves. And since they have so little practical knowledge of real females, they go on believing this dreck. I'm thinking the women need to educate and liberate one another.