Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Modest Solution to the Wisconsin Problem

So, right wingers are so worried that the still unionized public workers have a better deal than private sector employees, whose unions have pretty much all been destroyed?

Well, here's an answer that's so far-fetched that no one seems to have thought of it yet:

How about if, instead of screwing the public employees out of what they won through a hundred years of struggle, maybe we should bring the unions back to the rest of American workers? How's that for an idea?  And if businesses can't exist paying decent wages to Americans, and they want to take their manufacturing to other countries, how about taxing the hell out of them with tariffs to let them know how we feel about their destroying our lives?  And while we are at it, here's another idea that I have been pushing for a couple of decades:  How about if we take about a third of our useless military budget and devote it to promoting unions in third world countries, so their people can make a decent living at home, and they can stay there happily, and so that our workers won't have to compete against near-slaves in third world dictatorships?

Well, that's my solution- we could solve unemployment, illegal immigration and exploitation of workers here with these simple steps.  Not a chance, huh?


Poll P. said...

Radical thinking here, G.E. Unlike you, it will never fly!

magpie said...

Anyhow... who are these nefarious, lazy, tax-stealing public workers that Chuck and Dave Koch insist aren't worth the money in a year that either one of them would spend on a single dinner party...?

Fire fighters.

Respectively, the people who are first on the scene whenever shit happens, the people who spend more of the day with your children than you do, and the people who went into burning skyscrapers on 9/11.

Yes... a real menace to the economy and just the people society can do without. Better call out the national guard before the teachers reach the end of the alphabet song.