Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Who Really Lost in the Election

29 blue dogs in the house will be gone in January, leaving only 25 left.

Four progressive house members lost their seats, out of 79 in the progressive caucus.

In case you wondered, that means 53% of blue dog house members lost their seats.  5% of progressives lost.  So, what kind of Democrat do the people of this country want to see in Washington?

Obama is out there today, still blabbing about compromise with the Republicans. You know we are going to hear ten thousand times over in the coming weeks that Democrats need to move to the center.

Remember these numbers when you hear things like this.  Democrats who act like Democrats win elections.  Democrats who act like weak little pussycats lose.


Poll P. said...

Love this statistic, and glad you posted it. I hope somebody kick's Obama into reality soon!

Anonymous said...

The American People want strong Progressives the Corporate Financed Republicans want American slaves.

Green Eagle said...

And the American slaves want whomever they're told to want.

magpie said...

Who lost?


What's lost?

Even if Obama gets back in in 2012 that's two years lost piss-farting around with reactionaries who are stalling, stalling, doing anything they can to appease their political owners.

"...that Democrats need to move to the center" ?

There isn't one this side of Hell over there.

A conservative over here is currently running with a campaign promise for more funding for welfare programs.

If a Republican did that in the US, his toes would instantly curl up and he would disappear under a Kansas farmhouse.