Monday, November 8, 2010

Budget Deficits- Not Just for Liberals Any More

News from the Lone Star State:

"Legislature likely to cut deep to meet possible $25 billion budget gap

AUSTIN – Texas faces a budget crisis of truly daunting proportions, with lawmakers likely to cut sacrosanct programs such as education for the first time in memory and to lay off hundreds if not thousands of state workers and public university employees.

The gap is now proportionately larger than the deficit California recently closed with cuts and fee increases"

When I recently reported on this fact, of course one of our right wing commentators was quick to deny the whole thing.  Well, sorry, guy, it's true.

Of course, unlike California, the legislators of the Republican State of Texas have a simple way to deal with this problem.  They are going to simply refuse to fund the things that they as a State are responsible for.  Screw everyone else- see how easy it is to balance the budget?

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