Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Brilliant Special Comment

From Crooks and Liars, which has a transcript and a link to the video, here is an absolutely brilliant special comment from Keith Olbermann about the wretched state of American journalism today.

Besides smashing the claims of objectivity that we hear from the likes of Ted Koppel (whose remarks prodded Keith to make this comment) this is a magnificent example of why, ex-sportscaster though he may be, he now stands head and shoulders above any other broadcast news professional, and if permitted to continue by MSNBC's new owners, may very well enshrine himself in the company of two figures whose reporting features prominently in his remarks- Walter Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow.

TV news channel or not, this is real reporting.  And that is something we have just about forgotten about in this country.  Please take the time to read or watch what he has to say.


Poll P. said...

I Facebooked, Tweeted, and Buzzed it up!

magpie said...

I read it all. Marvellous.

I'm sorry to say it's not just American journalism that is in a wretched state. It's journalism in general. At least in the English speaking world.