Friday, November 5, 2010

Well, There Goes That

Keith Olbermann has been "suspended indefinitely" from MSNBC, allegedly for giving a couple of contributions to political candidates.

I can guarantee you that this has absolutely nothing to do with contributions.  MSNBC has done nothing to Joe Scarborough or Pat Buchanan for the same "offense."   Here's what I am absolutely positive is happening:  Comcast intends to get rid of Olbermann for good, as soon as they take over, and bring an end to any TV news in the country that is not totally made up of right wing lies.  Comcast made it a condition of completing the sale that MSNBC do its dirty work and get rid of Olbermann (MSNBC's highest rated host) before they would go through with the deal, and so out he goes, on the most pathetic of excuses.

This is a clear sign of what to expect from MSNBC in the future.  Rachel and Ed, you're next.

But Wait, There's More:  Randi Rhodes was knocked off the air today due to a bomb threat. The worst result of the midterm elections may be that the right seems to have entitled itself to act worse than ever.


Anonymous said...

Lawyers for the Comcast / NBCU merger argued in front of the FCC that better and more diverse programming will result from it. Yeah, right. And now we see them cut Keith. And I'm sure you're right. Rachael will be next. Bad bad bad.
here is a link to something about it

Poll P. said...

OK, I followed the link, signed on, and twittered it.