Monday, November 8, 2010

New Rules for Democrats

We learn from World Net Daily:

"The man chosen to replace Keith Olbermann during the host's suspension from MSNBC for unapproved political contributions has now been struck from the network's lineup, following disclosure that he, too, made political donations to Democrats.  MSNBC had chosen Chris Hayes, editor of the Nation, to host the network's prime-time political show "Countdown," the Wall Street Journal reports.  But Hayes also made a series of donations to Democrats, to former Alabama candidate for the U.S. House Josh Segall and former Illinois primary candidate Thomas Geoghegan."

Do you get what is going on here?  Chris Hayes made these donations when he was not an employee of MSNBC.  Now the rule, created by Republicans, and apparently accepted by the "liberal" press, is that no one who has ever made a donation to a Democratic candidate can host a show on a news network.  In the meantime, it is perfectly okay for the Republicans to have an entire network devoted to nothing else but putting them in control of the country.

That's right- you can't be a national commentator if you support Democrats.  As the Democratic party continues to allow abominations like this to take place, they are abetting the clear Republican plans to turn this country into a third world fascist dictatorship.  That's the simple truth, and it's about time Democrats are open about what is going on in this country.

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