Sunday, November 28, 2010

Annihilation, Republican Style

Here's an excellent article about the current batch of Republican traitors which our oh-so-wise electorate has seen fit to send to Washington, via a link at Daily Kos:

"The Republican Party that Honest Abe helped to found - that is, in its current Limbaughian form -- does not give a hoot about American global security.  All it wants to do is remove Barack Obama from the White House, and it does not care if its actions - that is, its inactions - wreck the painstakingly constructed goodwill between the U.S. and Russia and push the entire world back toward the shadow of possible nuclear annihilation."

Unfortunately, they also do not care if they push the country into economic annihilation either.  We are facing a real test here in this country, which we have never faced before- whether we can survive a major political party which is willing to destroy us all so they can claim ownership of the shattered remains.  Republicans have entitled themselves to engage in the most grotesque anti-American behavior, all the time screaming at the top of their voices about the Democrats' supposed lack of loyalty to the country.  If their efforts, bankrolled by billions from international corporations, made "legal" by five corrupt Republican appointed Supreme Court justices, succeed,  we will soon be living in a third world dictatorship no different from those in El Salvador or Myanmar.

Welcome to Republican world.


Poll P. said...

Amazing that our constitution left such gaping vulnerabilities.

Green Eagle said...

You mean that the founding fathers didn't anticipate a party so utterly given in to corruption and greed that they would willingly destroy the country to make themselves rich and powerful? Sorry, no constitution is ever going to protect us against that, and unfortunately, the imminent demise of the United States doesn't seem to generate enough rage in the American people for them to do anything about it.

Dave Dubya said...

Americans have long been indoctrinated to revere wealth and the wealthy. They have been told they too, may become wealthy.

Instead they are destined to be mere serfs in the looming neo-feudalist society. Their economic elite lords and masters shall rule by divine right of wealth.

And the serfs shall be taught to believe it is God's will in the brave new Amerika Inc. of Republistan.

Infidel753 said...

it does not care if its actions - that is, its inactions - wreck the painstakingly constructed goodwill between the U.S. and Russia

The irony is that President Medvedev, while by no means willing to give up Russia's traditional suspicious view of the West, has been trying to reduce the confrontationism of the Putin era and work more closely with the West. It's a tremendously important opportunity. The Republicans seem to have no grasp of what they risk throwing away.