Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The Republican party voted today to allow the unregulated proliferation of nuclear material and weapons around the world.  This, to them, is preferable to allowing Obama to have any victory of any kind.

They are willing to risk the lives of every person on earth in order to seize power.  They are traitors of the worst kind and there are millions of them.

That is the truth we live with today, and we are all going to see our way of life destroyed if Barack Obama and the Democrats do not start openly acknowledging this reality and act accordingly.

It is time that these people are destroyed. 


magpie said...

You know what the headline of the article I read regarding this issue was....?

"Obama bombs on nuclear weapons"

OBAMA bombs...
And it was not until paragraph 15 of the 16 paragraph article before the word "Republican" even appears.

If something were to happen and millions of people were killed in that single incident... the history books (assuming there are any left) will say that the USA and Russia could have avoided it all.... but America fucked it up when they had the chance.
How is that going to sit with everyone?
Further, TACTICAL weapons reduction talks won't happen if a New Start treaty doesn't happen.

Oh... and you know who ELSE doesn't want the nuke option gone from NATO doctrine....??

Yeah France. That country the Republicans otherwise spend their lives spurning, scorning and disdaining.
France who still owns a quarter of the Pacific and has nuclear tests here.

mastercynic said...

Is magpie's newspaper a Murdoch publication?

magpie said...

No, I read it in a paper owned by Fairfax which is traditional rival to Murdoch's News Corporation.
As I recollect the article was shared with other papers which were also not Murdoch's.
Murdoch does not feature on any list of people I particularly like.