Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Outrage in Iraq

That great American Pat Buchanan, preaching to his very evil choir over at Town Hall:

"The Murderers of Christianity

Sunday, on the eve of All Saints' Day, Nov. 1, 2010, the faithful gathered at the Assyrian Catholic Church of Our Lady of Salvation in Baghdad.

As Father Wassim Sabih finished the mass, eight al-Qaida stormed in, began shooting and forced him to the floor. As the priest pleaded that his parishioners be spared, they executed him and began their mission of mass murder.

When security forces broke in, the killers threw grenades to finish off the surviving Christians and detonated explosive-laden vests to kill the police. The toll was 46 parishioners and two priests killed, 78 others wounded

Where is the outrage?"

I don't know, Pat, maybe the outrage died when Christian invaders, with your support every step of the way, killed a million innocent Muslims in Iraq.  Sort of makes 46 dead seem like pretty small potatoes, but I don't remember you showing any outrage over the Muslim dead, so I just can't get too worked up over your outrage today.  Christians lived in safety in Iraq until we invaded their country and left them with a government of religious fanatics.  The evil Saddam Hussein even had them at high levels in his government (foreign minister Tariq Aziz was a Christian.)

So if you want to be outraged at the deaths of these 46 Christians, direct the outrage at yourself.


Anonymous said...

Very well said GE. Worth noting that major TV networks, on evening news, rarely report war deaths except those of American troops, as if those others who died were not loved by their families or did not have lives significant enough to report ended. Meantime right now (on MS-NBC News) Brian Williams is devoting a segment to tell everyone how American women are paring down on clothes shopping--as if it mattered.

magpie said...

When Pat Buchanan - who is one of the great arseholes of America - asks "Where is the outrage?", what he means is "Where is the revenge?" "Where is my eye for an eye?" "Where is my way to kill a thousand people who had nothing to do with it, just to satisfy my hate?".
If they had been of any other faith, he wouldn't have given a damn.

Worse, if they had been of any other faith, he would actually have been happy.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Of course, this explains why Pat loves A. Hitler as Hitler didn't kill real christians, only non-perfected ones and teh gays who rebel against jesus.

Green Eagle said...

And I guess the twenty million Russians, of the Orthodox faith, that Hitler killed barely qualify as Christians any more than the rootless cosmopolitans, er, non-perfected Christians of which you speak.

You've got a point there. I've never heard a Russian Orthodox priest attacking homosexuality, abortion and evolution like Jesus did.