Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Dean, Stupid or In the Tank- You Decide...

David Broder just can't stop this sort of thing.  What in God's name is wrong with people like this?

"Somewhere along the way, Obama lost sight of his campaign pledge to enlist Republican ideas and votes. Maybe they were never there to be had, but he never truly tested it."

And it's Obama's fault that Republicans never came up with an idea that didn't involve pandering to the rich?   The Republicans had no ideas to offer, but it's still Obama's failure that he didn't run with them?  Don't the Republicans bear any responsibility at all for not having any ideas, except let's steal some more from the American people?  Apparently not in David Broder's world.

At least David Broder will not be accusing the Republicans of the same thing- their campaign pledge was to totally ignore the Democrats and do whatever the hell they want.  And that's just the sort of manly behavior that serious people like David Broder love.

The Republican party has totally abandoned their responsibility to participate in governing this county, and it's all the Democrats' fault.  Welcome to America.

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