Monday, November 22, 2010

A Little Right Wing Lunacy/Racism to Start Your Day

From the anything-but "Astute Bloggers:"

"Once Kosovo, stolen from Serbia and given to muslims, is joined with Albania, what next?

The EU will allow the muslims to annex Bosnia, so that will create an islamic block in south east Europe. There will only be Macedonia and Greece between them and Turkey.

If Turkey becomes a member of the EU, that will be the end of Europe."

How many racist lies can one person tell?  Let me count the ways:

First, Kosovo was not "stolen" from Serbia.  It was taken from Serbia because the Serbs (or as the Astute Bloggers would probably have it, the Christians) were engaged in genocide against the population of Kosovo, many of whom were, it must be admitted, Muslims, and therefore apparently not entitled to remain alive.

Second, being as how countries, not religions, annex other countries, "the muslims" will not be annexing Bosnia or anywhere else. 

Third, being as how Bosnia occupies approximately 1.3% of the land area of Europe, it doesn't really amount to much of an Islamic "block" (sic).

As an aside, notice the deliberate failure to capitalize the word "Muslim."  Make of that what you will.

Fourth, as to the comment about there only being Macedonia and Greece between Bosnia and Turkey:  I guess they are implying that Bosnia and Turkey are going to attack Greece.  Fat chance.  Good paranoid lunacy, though.

And fifth, about Turkey joining the EU:  I don't know what kind of degraded racist thoughts are swirling around in the Astute Bloggers' heads, but Europe has existed alongside Turkey for 1500 years or so, and if all those centuries of hostilities haven't caused it to drop into the sea, a little peace won't either.

What a pack of hate-filled liars we have in our country these days.

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dmarks said...


Kosovo was actually only a temporary colony of Serbia. It is free again. The only "theft" was when Yugoslavia was formed early in the 20th century (a big mistake) and Kosovo was given to Serbia without any consent of the Kosovars. During the 1920s, Serbia attempted to wipe out the Kosovars. Something they repeated in the 1990s.