Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Wingnut Wrapup- Dog that Didn't Bark Edition

And what do I mean by that?  Well, for those of you that may be unfamiliar with the expression, I will explain it a little later.

So, can they spin the State of the Union Address as something positive?  Let's take a look:

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "Joe Kennedy’s Rebuttal to Trump’s State of the Union Sort Of Went Straight Into The Pond"

The lead story at Town Hall today, and even this pathetic excuse for a news source couldn't bring itself to make it about Trump's actual speech, so they had to fall back on the tried and true strategy of ridiculing a Democrat.  No comment on Trump's speech going straight into the sewer, but maybe that's because Trump couldn't do that, having started out in the sewer to begin with.

And then there's this sort of thing.  Credit, Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "Oh, So That's What The DNC Tried to Bury During Trump's State Of The Union"

The number two story at Town Hall about the speech:  Democrats somehow "buried" Republican lies about the economy during Trump's speech.  I'm not quite sure how that worked, but that's his story and he's sticking to it.

Lauretta Brown, Town Hall:  "Watch: Sen. Manchin Starts...Then Stops Himself From Standing During SOTU"

That must have been impressive.  Anything to avoid talking about the miserable speech itself, I guess.

Brandon Morse, Red State:  "Democrats Got Republicans Elected at Last Night’s SOTU...I get that Democrats hate Trump to the point of hysterics."

The Democrats didn't stand and applaud a number of Trump's signature lies.  Only if you are a Democrat does sitting still constitute having a fit of hysterics.  Nothing is more important to right wingers than driving liberals crazy; and they are going to tell themselves that they have succeeded in that, no matter what the evidence is.

And this seems to be a particular issue today in wingnut world.  Another example:

Tyler O'Neil, PJ Media:  "5 Times Democrats Should Have Stood and Clapped During Trump's State of the Union — But Didn't.  That doesn't look good..."

We'll just forget about how Republicans treated Obama at every single one of his State of the Union addresses.  Because he deserved to be humiliated, seeing as how he is a bl...well we'll just leave it to you to finish that sentence.

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media:  "Sourpuss Democrats Self-Immolate at State of the Union"

And more of the same.  Anything to avoid talking about Trump's dreadful, leaden speech.  And don't think this miserable attempt to cover for Donald Trump is restricted to certified right wing loons.  Check this one out:

Dana Millbank, Washington Post:  "Democrats’ behavior at the State of the Union was embarrassing...the Democrats, with their childish protests, took the bait. Symbolic dissent is fine, but this was a cacophony of causes: black clothing (for #MeToo), kente ties and sashes (because of Trump’s Africa insult), butterfly stickers (for the “dreamers”), red buttons (for a victim of racial crime) and the more bipartisan purple ribbons (for the opioid epidemic).   Worse, dozens of Democrats refused to stand when the president entered the House chamber, forgetting that one stands out of respect for the office, not the officeholder."

THEY REFUSED TO STAND!!!  THEY WORE BUTTONS!!!!  They didn't, of course, conspire to destroy Trump from the day he was elected, nor have they spent every day of his term spreading the most nauseating lies about him.  But THEY REFUSED TO STAND!!!!  And Chris Cilizza has the nerve to allege that he has a right to conspire with Republicans to spread this absurd narrative because he complained when Republicans attacked President Obama.  Maybe he did; I'm not about to waste my time checking out what a worthless little weasel like Chris Cilizza had to say years ago.  I would like to point out that Cilzza didn't bother to mention that what the Republicans were trying to do was destroy an honorable, competent leader who spent his Presdency trying to serve the American people, while what the Democrats are trying to do is refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of a treasonous criminal who is in league with a hostile foreign dictator.  No time to deal with that distinction while he is so busy denouncing Democrats for not standing for the worst leader the country has ever seen.  Oh well, I don't read the New York Times much any more; there was probably something worse there.

And by the way, just to be clear, this piece by Chris Cilizza is an unforgivable abomination, no matter what he may have done in the past.

Kristinn Taylor, Gateway Pundit:  "POTUS TRUMP ROCKS TWITTER! 4.5 Million State of the Union Tweets During Speech Smashes Record"

Well, isn't that nice?  I wonder how many of them came from Russian bots, or from Trump himself.

Oh, and about that "dog that didn't bark" thing:  I'm sure most of you are familiar with the Sherlock Holmes story where he solved a case based on a dog that didn't bark when it should have.  Well, the dogs that didn't bark today are the Republicans, who would normally be howling to the moon about what a great President Donald Trump is, but are instead obsessing over the sort of nonsense I've discussed above.  They just can't bring themselves to carry out their duty to praise their glorious leader; the best they can do is deflect attention from his boring performance.  They've always risen to the task before, but it looks like the batteries are running down.  Not a good sign for the bad guys.

And now, on to the rest of the news:

Brian C. Joondeph, American Thinker:  "Italy's Population is Sinking Faster Than the Tower of Pisa"

The Tower of Pisa is leaning, not sinking, Brian.  It's the United States that's sinking.  Not that someone like you would care about that.

Streiff, Red State:  "If This Is Trey Gowdy’s Next Stop It Will Be A Great Service To The Nation"

Prison?  No, a lifetime appointment as a Federal judge, where he can perfect his alredy spectactular skill at factless persecution of Democrats.

Streiff, Red State:  "AMAZING. Washington Post Takes Michael Wolff to the Woodshed Over His Slander of Nikki Haley"

Michael Wolff said something which he probably should not have said.  I included this item at Wingnut Wrapup to illustrate something that has always amazed me:  Republicans cannot even wrap their heads around the idea that one liberal might call out another one for doing something wrong.  To them, it is the duty of everyone to support their corrupt party to their dying breath, with truth and decency having not one thing to do with it.

Brandon Morse, Red State:  "BREAKING: Train Containing GOP Lawmakers Crashes Into Garbage Truck"

No comment necessary.

Matt Vespa:  "FBI to Trump White House: Please Block The Release Of A Memo That Could Expose Us For Spying On You"

Translation into (truthful) English:  "FBI to Trump White House: Please Block The Release Of A Memo Which is Filled With Lies About Us."

“As expressed during our initial review, we have grave concerns about the material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo’s accuracy,” the FBI said in a statement."...The FBI statement also said agents carefully adhere to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which provides a legal framework for national security investigations."

And of course, there's plenty more of this to be seen, too:

Debra Heine, PJ Media:  "FBI Officials Who Have Read FISA Abuse Memo Say It Is 'Factually Accurate'

See the item directly above.  Nothing like just lying straight out about things, I guess.

Lauretta Brown, Town Hall:  "DOJ Asks Judge to Toss Out Charges Against Sen. Menendez in Corruption Trial"

Oh God, five years of persecution of a Democrat down the drain, when even the fascist Trump justice department had to admit that all their smears amounted to nothing.

Ben Shapiro, Town Hall:  "Can a Flawed Man Be a Good President?"

Yeah, Ben, but not a traitorous criminal.

Cristina Laila, Gateway Pundit:  "Mueller FBI Implicated in Lois Lerner IRS Scandal"

A "scandal" which resulted in no convictions, no indictments, no charges, and which is only remembered by paid right wing smear merchants.  And how is Mueller "implicated"  in this scandal?  Mueller worked at the FBI during the period that Republicans were throwing around these lying accusation.  There isn't even a claim that he had anything to do with this in any way.  He just worked at the FBI at the time, which would make any FBI agent with more than a couple of years experience also a traitorous criminal.  And you can just see the hundreds of thousands of winguts that see this accusation nodding their heads in total agreement that this proves that Mueller is corrupt, somehow.

But wait, Christina isn't done yet today:

Cristina Laila, Gateway Pundit:  "Rumors Swirl After Train Carrying GOP Lawmakers Hits Truck on Way to Retreat...Isn’t it odd that a dump truck was on the tracks of a scheduled GOP retreat? Are we supposed to believe this was an 'accident' ?   Well this reeks to high heaven... deep state sabotage? "

And this wonderful tweet:

"The deep state tries and fails again. 
Baseball game 
Rand's front yard 
Thank God they're so inept at murder."

You knew it would come to this before the day was out.  And you knew that the odds were that it would come from Gateway Pundit first.

Well, I am glad to get all of this out of the way, since apparently tomorrow the traitor in the White House is going to release a pack of lies and distortions designed to undermine the investigation into his treason.  Lots more right wing screaming to come then.

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