Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Liberal Delusion Of The Day

From the normally rational Digby:

"The released transcript of Simpson's testimony contains a good deal of interesting information, all of which will be gone over with a fine-toothed comb in the press."

Ha ha.  Whatever on the face of the earth could make you think that, Digby?  I mean, the long existence of your blog proves you weren't born yesterday.

In fact, it's only a day later, and this smoking gun proof of massive treason by the White House, and a concerted effort by Congressional Republicans to destroy the evidence, something that would have once rightly been regarded as the worst political crime in our nation's history, has almost vanished from press coverage.  Instead, the press is devoting itself to hailing the President's one hour phony televised meeting yesterday, as a masterpiece of governing, and can't shut up about how great he is.

The mainstream media don't care any more about treason than the Republican commit, because at this point, the media and the Republican party are two facets of the same thing- a forty year long campaign by a few hundred rich sociopaths to turn our country from a very imperfect democracy into a fascist oligarchy.  They're almost there, and even clear, unquestioned evidence of treason isn't enough to slow them down for more than a few hours at this point.


Magpie said...

Perhaps he meant a fine-toothed comb-over to conceal the bald truth, or perhaps he was just losing the moment in wishful thinking.

One Fly said...

"They're almost there"

No shit and few get it.