Monday, January 22, 2018


I present you with this picture of a cave, which I am putting forth to replace the donkey as the official symbol of the Democratic party. 

So, we have two things going on here.  First of all, the Senate Democrats put all of their power in the hands of the Senator from Wall Street, who has no mandate except to keep business going, and that means ending the Republican shutdown as fast as possible.  Second, the classic gutlessness of Congressional Democrats who, even though they are riding on a guaranteed winning ticket, cannot stand up to two days of the press screaming that somehow the public is suddenly going to change its demonstrated opinion and hold the Democrats responsible for a situation which every single sentient person on earth knows was carefully crafted through a year of Republican dedication and effort.

The result?  Schumer and the Democrats ended the shutdown, and pulled out the knife which the Republicans had stabbed into their own hearts, resuscitated them and sent them on their way, to continue the damage they are doing to the country without facing a bit of consequence.  And in the process demonstrated that the Democratic leadership has exactly zero principles, and is barely more concerned about the fate of the country than the treasonous Republicans.

Good work, assholes.


Magpie said...

Well... enjoyed that little glimmer of sunshine and show of determination while there seemed to be one.
"Congressional Republicans held their ground and came out the clear winners of this battle. Democrats compromised way more than their counterparts, leading to outrage from some liberal senators." - Washington Post

Even then at the last it's only "some"?

Your country died a little more today, friend.

Green Eagle said...

Well, easy come, easy back to our regular scheduled program:

Magpie said...

ha ha

Betamax said...

Yep, because anything less than total instant victory on the Dems side is 'caving'. They had precious few good choices here. It's easy to couch counsel standing firm and feeding both the DACA and CHIP kids into the meat grinder of the New Cruelty 'because principles'. Very different to be a group of people actually making that choice in teal life, which is why the reptiles clapped a pistol to the heads of these youngsters in the first place.

Sorry, but this was a mostly successful hostage negotiation, removing a potential bargaining CHIP from the republican's hands. No more false rhetoric about 'choosing immigrants over nice white sick kids'.

Next battle.

Green Eagle said...

Sorry, but I disagree with you. Schumer just made a case for the claim that the Democrats stand for nothing. If they do not stand for something, there is no reason to vote for them; "A tiny bit better than the Republicans" isn't much of a selling point. And as I said, Schumer is totally owned by Wall Street, which does not want a disruption in their money making, so he threw away a chance to stand on principle, and made Democrats look both weak and untrustworthy on an issue where they had a clear chance to score a big win.