Monday, January 22, 2018

If Green Eagle Were Chuck Schumer

Schumer is such a putz.  He makes the Republicans shut down the government, and then essentially asks them to promise to give him a candy bar in return for opening it back up again.  The biggest chance he has had in a year, and he threw it in the wastebasket.

Here's what Green Eagle would have done.  First, shut the government down.  Second, pick out the five or six most sickening giveaways to the Republicans' rich backers that were in the recent tax ripoff.  Then go on national TV and tell the American people that the Democrats would never vote to stop the shutdown until every single thing on the list was repealed, and the money put into financing Medicare for all.  He should have stated unequivocally that every Democrat would vote for a bill that included the above, and none of them would vote for anything else.

And then just go home and sit it out.

That's how you play hardball, buddy.

Perhaps he could have included a demand for the resignation of Donald Trump in the package too, just to have something to give up, in order to look magnanimous.

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One Fly said...

Dumb bastards were in the drivers seat for a change and didn't even know it.