Wednesday, January 31, 2018


The State of the Union Address, in which a deranged maniac was forced to try to appear sane for eighty minutes.

Not that I watched it, to be honest.  I went out and had some Cajun fried catfish with red beans and rice instead- a much better use of my time- but that doesn't stop Green Eagle from shooting his mouth off, does it?  Because in truth, whenever Republicans do anything, they know almost nobody is actually going to watch the event, and those people will be outnumbered by a hundred or a thousand to one by the Republican propaganda machine playing their endless game of lying to the American people about what happened.  So it's far more important to see how the speech is spun than to waste an hour of our lives actually watching this malignant traitor read a teleprompter.

Trump has turned around!  Now his real Presidency begins!  That's the story, isn't it?

Oops... with a few exceptions, like the ever-dependable New York Times, no one seems to have fallen for it.  It's not that they wouldn't if they could, but they have gone along with this trick so many times, only to be kicked in the teeth for their loyalty, that they know no one out there believes it any more, and they are (like every person that ever agreed to work with him) doing nothing but degrading their standing for the rest of their lives, if they don't at least keep their mouths shut.

So there you go.  Not the derision and contempt he deserves, but at least far less of the meaningless, lying adulation that has come after every other one of his Teleprompter readings.  A sort of progress, I guess.

By the way, can I add that no one seems to care that the guy can't avoid going into a lunatic rant without a Teleprompter.  Hardly the Republican reaction to Obama using one, but what do you expect, honesty?

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