Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Another Ground For Impeachment

Yesterday, Donald Trump imposed a 30% tariff on foreign components of solar energy systems, which currently make up 80% of the parts in these systems.  This unilateral action on his part is about to result in a huge increase in the cost of these systems.

This action in itself is an abomination, forcing many to continue to rely on fossil fuels, which are destroying our world.  However, there is another side to this which I have not seen anyone mention. This constitutes the use of the Presidency to favor a segment of industry which has massively contributed to his campaign and to the campaigns of other Republicans.  It is the use of government power to favor one business over another, and is the most blatant sort of corruption that you could ever imagine.

Of course, Trump has literally provided hundreds of grounds that would clearly call for his impeachment, but his corrupt fellow Republicans do not give a God damn about them, and they won't care about this either.

By the way, remember way back there in the Obama administration, when executive orders were monstrous Communist abuses of power?  Now, with the Republican Congress having essentially fallen to pieces, other than its function of holding baseless hearings on phony Democratic scandals, practically everything that the government does seems to be ordered by Trump, but no one, either in his party or the press, cares a bit.  Funny, huh?


Flying Junior said...

This is the worst thing he has done since the tax heist, though on a smaller scale.

Two reasons present themselves. A gift to coal and petroleum interests and in the bargain, power companies. A mean-spirited kick in the nuts to California. My neighborhood is roughly 50% solar powered today. For young people with a big family, (lots of big TVs and lots of laundry, currently paying big bills,) the current costs of installation can easily pay for themselves in ten to fifteen years. If not reversed my state will lose lots of damn good jobs.

It's also not particularly wise to wage a trade war with China. I hope an adult is able to talk him out of this.

Green Eagle said...

I fear this is not a situation of adults and children, but of criminals who are so convinced that they can never be touched that they don't care what anyone tries to do to stop them. They are sure that everyone on earth, the Chinese included, are crooks just like them, and can be as easily bought off as they themselves could be as long as the price is right. Well, the Chinese may be crooks, but they are crooks with a history going back thousands of years, not a couple of generations like Trump, and if it comes to a gang war, the Republicans are going to be crushed. Unfortunately, they will bring a lot of the rest of us down with them.

Flying Junior said...

You just scared me sober and I'm one hour past my bedtime.