Sunday, January 21, 2018

Republicans and the Press- Together Again

Just a small sample- today's coverage of the Republican shutdown of the government, courtesy of the Washington Post, which currently passes for the leader of the nation's liberal press.  Here are the three lead stories at the Post as of midday today:

"Moderates race to strike deal and end shutdown before workweek...Trump, Ryan lean on Senate to break logjam on spending deal"

Trump and Ryan, in one of the most preposterous statements ever to appear in the media, are apparently what passes for moderates these days.  No Democrats at all are listed as "moderates-" apparently insisting on positions that 90% of the American people support makes them left wing lunatics.

"Shutdown could hurt Democrats seeking reelection in Trump states"

Not a word on how the shutdown might hurt the Republican party that spent the last year deliberately building the shutdown, and is the only party that can do a damned thing to end it...that is, except for the Democrats, who could end the shutdown instantly by just collapsing and letting the Republican party engage in any corrupt mangling of the government it wants.  But let's see what we can do to blame it all on the Democrats.

"A now-familiar partisan ritual takes on new meaning in Trump era...The deadlock is happening as — and because — the two parties are in the process of reorienting themselves in ways their top strategists once warned against."

"The two parties"  are in the process of reorienting themselves.  What a lie.  The Republican party has been engaged for four decades in stealing the wealth of the country and giving it to the rich sociopaths that pay to keep it in power, aided by press coverage like the above, while the Democrats continue their long term helplessness in the face of the Republican march to fascism.  Nobody is in the process of reorienting themselves in any way.  And the story that the two parties are equally involved in creating this situation, and equally capable of ending it is one of the greatest lies ever told.

Again, I must point out that the press in this country today are not the dupes of the Republicans, they are their collaborators, and as long as everything bad that happens is pounded into Americans' skulls as totally the fault of the Democrats, and as long as the Democrats are, in fact, essentially prevented from responding in any meaningful way, this country is going to continue on its way to disaster, a fate which is not that far away.


Magpie said...

"Shutdown could hurt Democrats seeking reelection in Trump states"

Yeah... saw that. Republicans hold all branches of government... but it's Democrats who need to be cautious? Why?
And how? Let children be deported and sick kids die?

And when did they become 'Trump states'? Aren't they red states? Or Republican-leaning states? Since when does he have his own states?
Other than states of lust, bloodlust, and bankruptcy I mean.

Green Eagle said...

And it worked, Magpie. The gutless Democrats caved in the face of a couple of stupid newspaper articles, and let the Republicans get away once again with their irresponsibility and corruption.