Saturday, January 20, 2018

Ha Ha, Too Bad Donald

Liberals may have established a well-earned reputation for doing just about everything wrong, but I have to give them credit for their timing in totally devastating the nauseating display of belligerent egomania that Donald Trump undoubtedly had planned for the first anniversary of his inauguration.  Between seeing to it that the government shut down right on time, and the huge turnouts at marches all around the country today, they ruined his weekend of golf, made it impossible to go to his for-profit love fest at Mar-a-Lago, and basically made him look like, well, the worst deal maker in human history.  Yeah, he is still President, and only a few percent of the hate filled idiots that supported him a year ago have faced reality, but at least we were saved from the spectacle of Trump going on TV and claiming responsibility for every good thing that has ever happened in the history of the world, and going on to demand more racism and more greed in the coming years.  Not much, but it is something. 

So, enjoy your cheeseburger in bed, you son of a bitch, and here's hoping that you get to celebrate the next anniversary of your inaugural in prison, waiting for your execution.


One Fly said...

I'm just fine with that last sentence!

Anonymous said...

That sentence is too good for him.

I'd rather see Trump condemned to life as the title character in the traveling play Thick Jack Clot Sits in the Stocks and Gets Pelted with Rancid