Friday, January 5, 2018

The CEO President

Man, if there is anything good that comes out of the Trump nightmare, at least let it be that we never again have to hear Republicans' endless yearning for the "CEO President," the guy who is going to run the country the way he runs his business, and won't that be great?

What is a CEO, after all?  He wasn't elected by his employees, that's for sure, and he doesn't make decisions on the basis of what is good for them.  He does what is good for himself, and a few of his rich corporate buddies, and if the employees don't like it, they can get the hell out.  They have zero say in how he runs the company or who benefits from it.  The company exists for his benefit and that of his fellow owners, and not one single other person on earth.

In brief, the kind of national leader that is like a CEO is a dictator.  Being a CEO is training to run a dictatorship, not a democratic country, and I hope at this point that is bloody obvious to everyone.  If you want to live in  dictatorship, hire a CEO and tell him to do his thing, which is in fact what the Republican leadership does want, but a large part of their stupid base seems to be still oblivious to that fact.  Being a CEO is great if your whole goal in life is to enrich yourself as much as possible at the expense of everyone else, but running our country is supposed to be about a little more than that.

Isn't it?


Magpie said...

"we never again have to hear Republicans' endless yearning for the "CEO President," "

Wouldn't bet on it.
When this bastard is out, and after the martyrdom train runs out of track amongst his nauseating base, they'll either all about-face and say he wasn't 'really' what they meant by a CEO President, or that he 'wasn't allowed to be' a CEO President because of the liberal deep state, liberal media, Washington elites, New World Order, RINOs or whatever other phantasm the conjure up to evade the truth that their ideology is a bucket of shit.

Green Eagle said...

Well, you're undoubtedly right there.