Saturday, January 28, 2017

Treason and Sabotage

I have stated in the last couple of weeks that Donald Trump's undermining of our national security apparatus, his publicly accusing them of being Nazis, his stated commitment to doing away with much of their ability, is not some specimen of his obvious mental incapacity, but is a payment to Vladimir Putin, in the form of destroying our country's ability to foresee and deal with international threats.

Not many people seem to agree with me about that, but I think Trump just proved that I am actually right, with the most treasonous and subversive act he has yet made as President.

Today, Trump removed the Director of National Intelligence and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from the National Security Council, and unbelievably replaced them with neo-Nazi propagandist Steve Bannon.  It is almost impossible to express in words what a treacherous betrayal of our national interests this is.  At this point, it is absolutely clear that Trump is endeavoring to destroy our nation's security apparatus.  This is, as I have said, a massive act of treason, and a clear sign that he is indeed a tool of Vladimir Putin.

In a decent country, even a Republican controlled Congress would remove him from power in two days, but this is no longer a decent country, it is a Republican one, so God only knows how much pain we will have to suffer before he is gone, and replaced by someone who isn't just as bad.


One Fly said...

The way it is and agree 100%. And few say boo. The Right is going along with this and it is them who should get rid of this evil bastard. I truly believe we are headed for some sort of disaster and probably fairly soon.

It's about our country and the mechanisms that make it function. You just don't come in and dismantle overnight the very things that got us to this point even though imperfect.

There should be no partisanship with this but the Republicans are showing they are just as evil as him.

Dark times ahead for sure as Pence would carry on the same. I literally despise those who support this movement back to the Darker Ages.

And we for the most part are helpless and in the majority.

Green Eagle said...

The President of the United States has just put an openly anti-Semitic holocaust denier on the National Security Council, giving him the information about all of our nation's most closely guarded secrets.

And the Republicans don't care. I guess that shows who they are too.