Sunday, January 22, 2017


Is there no behavior so despicable that it is beneath Donald Trump?  Here's a tidbit from Britain's The Independent:

"Donald Trump delivered a rambling, boastful speech on Saturday in front of CIA staffers in an attempt to win over support in the intelligence community"

If you watch the video feed, which was totally focused on Trump and did not show the audience, you will hear applause and cheering.

"...Pool reports later clarified that the attendants who were cheering and clapping when Mr Trump spoke were not CIA staffers but people who accompanied Mr Trump to the briefing."

He brought his own paid stooges with him to cheer and clap to fool the American people into thinking that the CIA attendees were on his side, despite his having savaged them repeatedly during his campaign.  And it largely worked, because most American coverage of his remarks makes no mention of the fact that the applause he got was phony.

This was the first speech he has delivered to a government agency, and right from the beginning, they were used as nothing but unwitting props for his display of egomania and narcissism.

We are on a steep downhill path in this country, and how low we will get before it is over, God only knows.


Jerry Critter said...

Sounds Like same thing he did when he announced his candidacy for president.

Anonymous said...

Brace yourself for the most unhinged administration in American history.

Tom Degan

ez said...

...and he had his ringers at his first Presidential "press conference" as well.

Zog said...

"Is there no behavior so despicable that it is beneath Donald Trump?"

I'll take the Cadaver Synod for $400, Alex.