Sunday, January 1, 2017

Republican America

Just a random account.  Here are the headlines from three consecutive stories posted at Crooks and Liars today:

"Wisconsin Highways All Set For Trump’s Toll Road Conversion Program"

Wisconsin's roads are facing an $850 million dollar shortfall, because of tax cuts for the rich, so he plans on basically privatizing them and letting companies turn them into profit centers.

"Darrell Issa Proposes 'Tort Reform' To Replace Obamacare"

We'll just take away your medical care, but don't worry- in return we will pass a law making it impossible for you to sue your health care provider if they commit malpractice.  That way, they will not be hurt financially when 20 million people lose their health care.  As for you, who the fuck cares?

"Trump Spox: Let's Talk About 'Punishing' Hillary Clinton For 'Influencing Election,' Not Russia"

It is a punishable offense for a Democrat to try to "influence" an election, i.e. to try to win it.

Trump's America!  It turns out that Trump's America is Paul Ryan's America with a new face.  And Newt Gingrich's America and Ronald Reagan's America and Richard Nixon's America, and Calvin Coolidge's America too.  More for the hyper-rich, less for everyone else- the only thing Republicans have given a damn about for a hundred years, and here it comes again, to wreck the country just like all the other times.  And the Republicans know this time around, that it might be their last chance to go for oligarchic rule, so they aren't going to play around.  So, please don't forget that, when the Great Depression hit, the United States was the largest industrial country in the world, and still it took a World War to really pull us out of the collapse.  This time around, we do not have the industrial base to mount that kind of recovery, so if the collapse comes, it will be permanent.  It will mark the end of this country as a significant player in world events, able to control its own destiny, and I suspect it will end the actual existence of the United States as a single country.  We're not too worried out here in California- we already have the fifth biggest economy in the world, all by ourselves.  But let me tell you that the Southern States, and the upper Midwest, who have lived for decades on money sucked out of Democrats, are going to be in a very bad way, and are undoubtedly going to end up far more like Somalia or South Sudan than France or England.  And boy will they be angry then.


Professor Chaos said...

But when they do end up like Somalia, there is a billion dollar media industry (FOX, Limbaugh, etc) that will convince them that it's somehow all the fault of those damn liberals!

Montgomery said...

"More for the hyper-rich, less for everyone else- the only thing Republicans have given a damn about for a hundred years, and here it comes again, to wreck the country just like all the other times."

What about Eisenhower?

Grung_e_Gene said...

As the wreckage and carnage piles up Republicans will simply say Barack messed up America even worse than we thought as they shackle us into permanent corporate bondage. And the media will bow down to Trump as he kicks them and intone, "but her emails..."

Green Eagle said...

Eisenhower. First of all, Eisenhower was not a real Republican. He had never had anything to do with either party throughout his military career, and was actually approached by both parties to run in 1952.

Secondly, through such hires as the Dulles brothers, Eisenhower did act in a classic Republican, belligerent manner to force our will on the world. This included malignant installation of dictators in Central America, to benefit the Dulles brothers' company, the United Fruit Company, the overthrow of democratically elected Iranian leader Mohammed Mossadegh in 1953, and the imposition of a dictatorship in his place, malicious interference in Africa throughout the fifties, such as the undermining of Patrice Lumumba, and of course the insertion of the first American troops in Vietnam, after turning our backs on the 1954 treaty that forbade us to do that. I can hardly say he started this kind of behavior, but he sent us well down the path that led to Iraq and the mess in the Middle East today.

Wet Willie said...

"We're not too worried out here in California- we already have the fifth biggest economy in the world, all by ourselves."

What will you do if Utah and Arizona claim all that Colorado River water for themselves?

Magpie said...

"And boy will they be angry then."

Yes, but they'll turn to Jesus like they usually do.

Since a life-time of intellect-damaging exposure to religion has pre-conditioned them with endless capacity to believe utter drivel, they will not identify the human causes of their hardship in any rational way. Rather they will feel that they are suffering because America has offended God. 'America' meaning for them all those other people who are in some way not exactly like themselves in irrationality and obstinate belief in ancient Middle-Eastern fairy-tales.

The political dimension of religion in US politics - or anywhere really - can be summed up as the self-serving notion that in order for the country to be a better place EVERYONE ELSE has to change or, preferably, suffer. Conform or die.

I'm reading this very phrase in The Christian Post (I read primary sources too):
"America will one day end, you will live for eternity"
Oh... I guess that makes seeing your loved ones dying on the pavement from preventable causes seem not so bad.

Green Eagle said...

Magpie, sorry to take so long to answer, but I've had some computer problems. Well, as you know, I have often stated my belief that the Republican party made a deal with the devil when they got in bed with Evangelical Christians. Whatever shred of decency the party had left at that point has been overwhelmed by the utter dishonesty of the Evangelicals. The Republican party has become fatally infected by the contempt for truth and decency that are the core values of Evangelical Christianity. The tiger ended up riding the man; the Republicans sold their souls, and now here we are.

Man MKE said...

Well, the Upper Midwest has been blue-ish for years up until recently, and still contributes more to red states than the reverse, even though all but Minnesota and Illinois are run by red staters. Indeed, in Wisconsin, GOP Gov. Scott Walker made this situation worse by declining around $1.5 billion (and still climbing) in federal recovery project grants and Medicaid dollars. Yes, these states may indeed become true red states that tgry to feed off a suddenly non-existent federal teat, but right now they're still givers, not takers.