Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Stupidest Piece of Media Coverage of the Day

From the Washington Post:

"Sessions pledges to put the law before his political views"

And what the hell do they expect every Republican liar to say when they are in front of the Senate?  Despite the fact that as soon as they get into office that pledge goes out the window and they do whatever their rich sociopathic backers want them to do, they all promise to be honest.  Sessions has lied over and over again today about his record.  How about making that the headline, or how about making the headline "Racist scum skates through Republican hearings to become Attorney General." But no, he pledged to put the law first, as he never has in his whole career.  Good enough, then, let's move on to the next piece of human garbage that Trump is about to foist off on the country.

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Jerry Critter said...

His word is a worthless as his policies.