Thursday, January 5, 2017

Hiding From the Truth, National Intelligence Edition

So, most of us have heard that Donald Trump has promised to largely demolish the intelligence apparatus in the United States.  Listen, I am the first to admit that in all too many cases these guys have been nothing but liars, bought off by the defense industry to keep the money flowing, but what interests me here is the way the press is deliberately obscuring the obvious intention behind Trump's behavior.

To read the news, you'd think this is just one more little fit of pique from the infantile Trump, directed against anyone who questions him.  Well, that's bad enough, but I notice no one in the mainstream media dares to ask the old Scotland Yard question, qui bene.  Who stands to benefit from blinding the United States to the hostile actions of foreign countries?

Well, the answer is absolutely obvious.  And here we go, the treasonous selling out of the country to Putin, by crippling our defense capability.  This is the first action on Putin's behalf that Trump will take, in return for Putin's having put him in the White House.

I repeat:  This is treason; pure, clear Constitutional treason, the adhering to a foreign enemy by deliberately injuring our own ability to protect ourselves.  Treason, and the most low, vicious kind of treason, by a man who is owned by a foreign dictator, and will do his bidding, no matter what the cost for our country.

But the same press that pandered to the Republicans' lies about Benghazi and Hillary's e-mails for four years, will just ignore this.  So, that will just be the beginning. Will anything be left of our country in four years?  There is a good chance that the answer is no.

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