Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Next Necessary Move

We know that Democrats that emerged from last month's intelligence briefing about Putin's blackmailing of Trump and interference in our elections were enraged, and they have said that if Americans knew what was in that briefing, they would be screaming to get Trump out of there.

Well, okay, guys.  It is time to do what has to be done.  At this time in our history the need of the American people to know what is in those briefings is a thousand times bigger than any secrecy laws.  Unfortunately, if someone does the right thing and makes those briefings public, the Trump administration will slaughter them.  There is only one answer.  Every single Democratic member of Congress, and I mean every one of them, must join together in the release of this information.  Let us see Trump arrest the entire leadership of the opposing party, and accuse them of treason, after we have seen the evidence that it is Trump himself who is the traitor.  That would pretty well show the world what Trump has in store for the country.  If it is not to send him from the White House to prison, then nothing will be and our country is lost anyway.

I will be sending this recommendation along to the Democrats in Congress.  Given their traditional gutlessness, I can't see it happening, so I suppose we will just continue our slide into dictatorship.


One Fly said...

If only. I will believe it when it happens and just like always until our side does something we ain't got squat!

Jerry Critter said...

Of course this won't happen. It takes balls to make such a bold action. Democrats are political pussys.

Green Eagle said...

Sorry to say, I agree with you both. Congressional Dems won't get off their fat asses and do the right thing, if history is any indication.

ez said...

The score card so far as concerns the 'untrue dossier'

One person associated with the Russian Cyber spy function dead under suspicious circumstances.
Two others from that group arrested for Treason
An additional one individual from that group taken away with a bag over his head and also charged with Treason.

Now why might there be a crack down on that group and Treason charges...certainly not because Putin is cleaning up the edges of his plot and those he suspects of leaking details of that plot to the former MI6 gentleman, just co-incidence, nothing to see, right?