Wednesday, January 25, 2017


I must tell you that today I feel overwhelmed by the torrent of abominations being perpetrated on an almost hourly basis by Trump.

As you know, I have predicted for years that the end-game of the Republican party is to devolve the country into a totalitarian dictatorship.  Well, they seem to have now found someone ready and willing to play the role of dictator.  That does not surprise me, but what has shaken me has been the speed, across so many fronts, with which they are deliberately destroying all norms of decency and morality in government.  Destroying any notion of truth, denying the concept that people are not at the top of our government for personal profit, threatening openly to invade other countries to steal their resources, talking about sending the military into cities that don't do what he tells them, betraying the country to a foreign dictator, destroying the health care system and public education, licensing the plundering of the environment by those of us rich enough to do it, openly advocating torture as an instrument of government policy, it just goes on and on, and this is only day five.

I just can't really find the words to turn this into a consistent narrative.

Trump's miserable failure of an inauguration, coupled with the size and energy of the marches the next day, truly ended any pretense that he has a mandate to govern, or the backing of any but a small minority of the country.  Rather than slow him down, however, it has, I believe, sped him up.  He intends to do as much damage to the country as he can, before someone, somehow, stops him.  What that will be, I don't know, but it had better come fast.


Magpie said...

Yeah the brazenness of it is hard to wrap your head around.

I wondered at it this morning, as I read the headlines... how does anyone aware and interested in their world live in these days, when nothing is normal?

I mean you eat your food, you do your job, you walk the dog, etc... but how do you imagine next week, next month, where you'll be by Christmas, given the new government of the United States, most powerful country in the world, has effectively declared war on humanity, justice, history, freedom, democracy, that county's own people and plain common sense? When nothing is too absurd, nothing too rent with contradictions, nothing too petty, nothing too deranged, nothing too ill-advised that the president doesn't nonetheless do all of them by lunch and then fume and rage when people are not persuaded that it's all okay.

The man is a bloated octopus with every tentacle in a different bucket of what-the-fuck-now.

ez said...

There are two types of muscle fibers in the body. The slow twitch (good for endurance) and fast twitch, bursts of activity...but the fast twitch also tire quickly. To prove this to yourself hold your hand up, palm open then begin to rapidly open and close your hand. Easy at first, right? Doesn't take long before it becomes harder and slower to respond does it?

In less than a five minutes your ability to open and close your hand, which had been ridiculously easy is about's a result of the build up of lactic acid, which is the normal result in anaerobic cellular respiration in the Krebbs cycle.

It's the same with the wave of actions coming from this new administration. The first day it was easy to point out nonsense. Now 5 days in and he is repeating the lies about Torture being effective and I'll admit I'm getting tired at the thought of having to continually fight against such raging ignorance for another four years.

Is this an accident or is it a part of the republican plan? I'm already suffering what might be called mental lactic acid build up.

Professor Chaos said...

I've heard some people who were in Germany in the 1930s are finding this all too familiar.

Jerry Critter said...

Trump is doing a great job, a bigly job, of motivating the forces of change AGAINST him. The opposition to his policies is just beginning. It will grow and grow. Pressure will build on legislators across the nation. They need to be told clearly and in the strongest terms possible. Resist Trump or lose your job!

Green Eagle said...

I hope you are right, Jerry, because Americans are the laziest, most apathetic people on earth, and that is a characteristic which is not restricted to right wingers.