Thursday, January 19, 2017

Inaugural- Let the Lies Begin

Long time readers of this blog will know that one of the things I have continually covered is right wing marches and demonstrations, contrasting the wingnuts' claims about them with reality.  I have been assuming that such a fact check is going to be needed for the Trump Inauguration, which every sign seems to indicate is going to be pretty pathetic, but Trump got out ahead of me, and has been making public claims about the crowd that turned out in front of the Lincoln Memorial, for his Inaugural Concert of Has Been Musicians.  Here courtesy of Buzz Feed, are Trump's claims:

Trump thanked people for coming by the “thousands and thousands” and added that he didn’t know if a concert outside the Lincoln Memorial had ever been done.
“This started out tonight being a small little concert, and then we had the idea maybe we’ll do it in front of the Lincoln Memorial. I don’t know if it’s ever been done before,” Trump said. “But if it has, very seldom. And the people came by the thousands and thousands, and here we are tonight, all the way back. All the way back.”
“We thought it would be a small concert and tens of thousands of people were there,” Trump said. “It went all the way to the back. They never had so many people. And very few people ever had a concert at the Lincoln memorial.”
Trump apparently did not check very far back into history, or he would have discovered that President Obama had a similar concert in 2009.

Or maybe he was just lying, as usual.  Anyway, MSNBC estimated the crowd at 10,000.

I was unable to find a decent picture of the crowd at this event, but here is one from Obama's concert:
Estimates of the size of this crowd were in the range of 400,000.

More to come tomorrow, you can be sure.


Jerry Critter said...

I think I am more inclined to believe MSNBC's estimate than I am to believe Trump's estimate.

Green Eagle said...

I'd be more inclined to believe a Ouija board than Trump's estimate.