Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Stupidest Story of the Day

From James Hohman at the Washington Post, and no, I don't link to anyone who writes this kind of garbage:

"Monica Crowley’s announcement shows that rules of politics still apply for Trump 

Donald Trump and his team believe that the rules and norms of Washington do not apply to them. They are wrong, and yesterday brought a significant proof point."

So he ditched a spokesman that embarrassed him in public.  That does away with the corruption and treason, I guess, as well as the daily signs that he is mentally unstable.  It does away with the bullying and deliberate incitement of racism.  It does away with his willing use of the Presidency to harm anyone who stands in his way.  Get ready, folks, it's time for the mainstream media to go into overdrive to force us to accept that Trump is just a normal President.


Professor Chaos said...

Even as he attacks and threatens them, they continue to normalize him. Its so pathetic.

Green Eagle said...

It's their job. I have insisted for far longer than the ten years that I have had this blog, that the mainstream press are not the Repubicans' dupes, they are their collaborators. There is evidence to support this every single day, but even most left-leaning blogs refuse to accept what is a clear fact.

Anonymous said...

Off and on I listened to the NPR coverage of the inaugeral today. I admit that I am biased against Trump but it sounded to me like the staff was reveling in his celebrity and lavishing praise on the event. He has threatened to privatise both NPR and PBS, so they probably had to sing his praises, but still it was disconcerting. Like you have said here, 'it's their job'.