Friday, January 13, 2017

And Another Sad Day for Wingnuts

I've been waiting for the grand American Nazi march in Whitefish, Montana, which was scheduled this month, and which has been receiving tons of publicity on the right.  Sad to say, as my good friend Curt has now informed me, it is not to be:

"Neo-Nazis couldn’t raise the $125 needed for a permit for their Montana march...Neo-Nazis and white supremacists have been planning an on-again, off again march in Whitefish, Montana after the mother of well-known white supremacist Richard Spencer began complaining she was being harassed in Spencer’s hometown. Now, it seems, the march is off again after rally organizers were unable to afford the price of the permit to hold the event.

According to The Flathead Beacon, the City of Whitefish received the application for a march on Second Street from Memorial Park to City Hall. The fee for the permit is $125, but the application had only a $65 money order attached to it. Parades are also required to have a certificate of insurance, which the organizers also did not include."

Just another obstacle that the elite has placed in the way of people who are struggling with all their might to make America great again.  However, hope is not lost:

"Andrew Anglin, publisher of “The Daily Stormer,” announced to his readers that the city has refused to issue him a permit and he is speaking with lawyers and the ACLU."

He did not announce, in "The Daily Stormer" that the permit was refused because he could not come up with one hundred and twenty five fucking dollars for the parade permit.  As I have reported so many times over the years, this is just one more sign of what a ludicrous fantasy the hard right is in this country.  They have tried to start rebellions over and over again, many of them receiving massive publicity throughout the right wing media world, and they always end in this sort of humiliation.  Well, Andrew, I just thought I'd soothe your hurt feelings with a photo to remind you of what you thought was going to happen with your march:

Maybe next time, huh?  Is it too late to show up in Washington to be in Trump's parade, where you would be welcome?  And lucky you, the permit for that parade is already paid for.

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John said...

They contacted the ACLU. The ACLU.