Thursday, January 23, 2014

Trust Me

How unsurprising is this?

"Oh, by the way, says Freedom Industries, there was a second chemical leaking from that tank...Daniel Horowitz, managing director of the CSB, said, "we were told about another component in the mixture that had been added to the Crude MCHM, a product called 'PPH' consisting of polyglycol ethers, at about 5.6 percent."  (Mike) Dorsey, (director of homeland security and emergency response for the state Department of Environmental Protection) said he was "extremely disappointed" to be learning only Tuesday -- 12 days after the leak -- about the presence of PPH in the tank that leaked."

Freedom Industries, according to an earlier report from the Charleston Gazette, initially refused to tell what was really in the spilled mixture, citing its right to keep proprietary information secret.  Apparently, they realized what a public relations nightmare that was going to cause, and have now relented.  Otherwise, people in West Virginia might not have a right to know what poison the company delivered to their drinking water, because a right to know that might interfere with the company's ability to make a profit. 


Magpie said...

“its right to keep proprietary information secret” when the company has just filed for bankruptcy…

Maybe the managing directors can be made to explain things personally to whatever new mothers have babies with birth defects. That would be interesting PR.

joseph said...

The bankruptcy laws have been redesigned under Bush to screw the poor and middle class, but allow these rich corporatists to game the system.