Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Classic Lesson in Conservative Debating Techniques

Here's a video of Bernie Sanders "debating" Michelle Bachmann, which provides a truly outstanding example of what happens when someone tries to reason with right wingers.  It is really painful to see, so I don't expect anyone to watch it all (I couldn't take it) but take a look at a little of it, because it is such a great example of the techniques which Republicans use to prevent any kind of meaningful, fact-based conversation from taking place.  I first noticed this on talk radio in the late 1960's, and I have seen it ever since.  Anyone who thinks this pathetic behavior is the result of stupidity or ignorance on Republicans' part is deeply mistaken.  It is a systematic behavior which can be seen again and again, ad nauseum.

So, here is the strategy:

1.  As soon as you get hold of the microphone, rattle off as many lying Republican talking points as possible, harshly criticizing your opponent as a boor if they dare to say anything while you are talking. This way, no meaningful rebuttal can hope to cover more than a fraction of your distortions, leaving the others untouched.

2.  Whenever they have a chance to say something, continuously talk over them, no matter what they say or do, totally ignoring your synthetic outrage of a few seconds ago whenever they tried to correct you.

3.  After your orgy of lies, be sure to find a way to accuse your opponent of being a liar:  Michelle Bachmann in this case to Bernie Sanders:  "'You Shouldn't Be Lying."  This strategy is designed, on the rare occasion that a Democrat would be unpolite enough to point out the truth about Republican talking points, to be sure that all many people will take away from the conversation is that both people accused the other of lying, and they probably both were.

As I said above, I have watched this systematic behavior for decades.  It is nothing but a way of shouting down all opposition and silencing the truth.  Of course a closet right winger like Wolf Blitzer* will play right along with it and pretend that it's just a fine way to deal with our national problems.

*Little known fun fact:  Wolf Blitzer started his career in broadcast journalism working for Pat Robertson at the Christian Broadcasting Network.


Anonymous said...

Is Australia the new Poland?

Paul Avery said...

I saw this. Bernie was far too gracious. Vincent Bugliosi, even now as an old man, would have frozen her tongue.

Grung_e_Gene said...

I wonder why Senator Sanders wasn't given a Democratic Socialist response to the SoTU.

Paul Avery is absolutely correct about Bernie being too polite to nutbag Michel(one L)e.

Also, Democrats need to not respond to any of the bullshit lies conservatives spout off but make their points and not acknowledge Republicans.

Act like Republicans aren't there and soon enough they won't be.