Saturday, January 18, 2014


If there is a person on earth who really doesn't understand what kind of a sick thing conservatives are thinking of when they constantly rail about "freedom," this should straighten them out:

"Water-Poisoning Freedom Industries Files for Bankruptcy!
Hold on to your hats, people – Freedom Industries, the company that poisoned 300,000 West Virginians with a chemical leak is now immune against any civil complaints or judgements that may be brought by the people and businesses suffering losses...
The company’s assets and liabilities are “unknown,” according to the filing. Under the bankruptcy code, Chapter 11 permits a company to reorganize and continue operating."

In other words, there is no public information that this company is actually bankrupt, i.e. broke, but they are allowed to do this so they can stay in business without paying a penny to the people they damaged.  And this is all perfectly legal.  Under conservative political principles, companies are allowed to make money by doing any damage they please to the rest of us, but they are free- FREE!- from having to pay for that damage.  No, that is when government welfare is just dandy- when it goes to pay off the debts of the rich.

This is all that freedom means to the rich psychopaths who finance the Republican party- freedom for them to poison us, freedom for us to be poisoned.  And in case you are wondering who I am talking about, yes, Freedom Industries is a distributor for chemicals manufactured by the Koch brothers.  It is deeply frightening how much Republican deregulation has concentrated wealth not in the hands of the rich, but in the hands of a couple thousand rich people, who now have so much money that they, all by themselves are able to control the entire course of the government.

And (in case you haven't noticed) they aren't sending it in a good direction.


Jerry Critter said...

It is time to change the bankruptcy laws. This company should be put out of business, completely liquidated, injured people paid first, and the company officers put in jail.

Green Eagle said...

Absolutely right. But instead, Republicans are willing to fight as hard as they can to prevent any change to the fact that two thirds of personal bankruptcies in this country are caused by medical expenses. That's just fine with them, but expecting a corporation to be responsible for the damage it caused while amassing disgusting profits- well that's just unacceptable.

Magpie said...

According to The Charleston Gazette, Freedom plans to borrow money. My head spins a bit at this:

“Freedom's proposed lender is a company called WV Funding LLC. That company does not exist in West Virginia, according to business records on file with the West Virginia secretary of state. Pennsylvania's secretary of state also has no records online for it. The DIP agreement has places to sign for Freedom Industries and for WV Funding 'by Mountaineer Funding LLC.'

Mountaineer Funding was incorporated with the West Virginia secretary of state on Friday.
Its one listed member is J. Clifford Forrest, Freedom Industries' owner.
There is no record of Chemstream Holdings, the company listed as Freedom's owner on the bankruptcy filing, with either the West Virginia secretary of state or the Pennsylvania secretary of state. Freedom owed federal taxes for the years 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.”

Over 2.4 million dollars worth of taxes.