Thursday, January 30, 2014

Oh, That's Just Great News...I Guess

Here's some news about the formaldehyde found in the water in West Virginia after the Freedom Industries chemical spill:

"An environmental scientist in West Virginia said in a Wednesday legislative hearing that water samples he had taken from a downtown Charleston site contained formaldehyde—and that this had convinced him not to drink the water. The scientist, Scott Simonton, attributed the findings to a byproduct of the Jan. 9 Freedom Industries' spill of MCHM, a coal-cleaning chemical.

Early Wednesday evening, the state Department of Health and Human Resources issued a statement that called Simonton's comments regarding formaldehyde "totally unfounded" and said his testimony "does not speak to the health and safety of West Virginians."  Dr. Letitia Tierney, commissioner of the Bureau for Public Health, said Wednesday evening that the chemists the state had consulted with all said the formaldehyde could not have come from the MCHM."

Oh, okay, the formaldehyde comes from another chemical spill, I guess.  It would have never been noticed, presumably, if it weren't for the Freedom industries spill.  That certainly is comforting.

The state of environmental enforcement being what it is, maybe we should all have coal cleaning chemicals poured in our water- apparently that is the only way we will ever discover whatever other poisonous chemicals we are drinking.

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