Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Brief Comment on the "March for Life"

In case you didn't notice it, yesterday was what was supposed to be the high point of the anti-abortion movement's year, the "March for Life" on Washington.  This event has been held for many years, often with fairly substantial turnouts due to the active participation of the Catholic Church in turning people out.

Well, this is a strange thing, but there are almost no photos I can find showing the extent of the crowd that showed up for this event.  Press reports uniformly mention that "thousands" of people turned out, and a couple of views of the crowd that I could see in videos of the speakers seemed to bear this out.  I'd put the size of the turnout as roughly 3-6,000.  Well, it sure beats the 130 that Larry Klayman managed to get to Washington; and the bad weather on the East Coast certainly affected the turnout, but still this is a minimal number compared to the crowds assembled for previous years' marches.

Once again, evidence of a point that I continue to make here:  the far right in America is actually much smaller that most people believe, and it is only because of the miserable courting of them by the mainstream press that anyone continues to take them seriously as an indication of real public opinion.

Update:  And, of course, here is World Net Daily's description of the event:

"This week hundreds of thousands of pro-life advocates are descending upon Washington for dozens of pro-life events that will be held throughout the capital, culminating in the 41st Annual March for Life on Wednesday...This year is expected to be one of the largest marches ever"

Hundreds of thousands.  Well, what do you expect?

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Anonymous said...

Just because Millions didnt show up doesn't mean millions aren't pro life.Remember they are cobservatives and probably had to work plus it was like 10 degrees