Friday, January 31, 2014

Proof that Pope Francis Is Better Than His Predecessors

Green Eagle rests his case.

Update:  Of course, this is all it took to provide an opportunity for right wingers to direct an endless series of vicious invective against this slightly left of average Pope.  Here's a link to a Daily Kos article with some of the hatred unleashed by a photo of the poor guy holding a parrot.  Man, we are saddled in this country with a whole lot of sick, perverted people.


Anonymous said...

MRI scans have revealed that Chinese brains are on average 6 cubic inches larger than black African brains. Chinese perform about 30 points higher than blacks on IQ tests. Chinese (and Japanese) do all those things we link with high IQ - school success, employed in professional jobs, stable relationships, low crime, low substance abuse. Blacks do all those things we link with low IQ, crime, school expulsion, illegitimacy, etc. Darwin's theory of evolution predicts that human populations that are geographically isolated will diverge owing to environmental pressures.
There is no earthly reason to think that all the Races of Mankind have the same average IQ. It would have to be a miracle for evolution to have stopped at the neck. The only reason that such a well confirmed fact (about Chinese being more intelligent than Africans) is denied is because of political or religious ideology. You want it to be true. You wish it were true.

Green Eagle said...

Are there no very brilliant black people? Are not Chinese gangs, if anything, more vicious and depraved than black gangs?

I am perfectly prepared to believe that American black people, bred as they were for centuries as beasts of burden, have a lower average IQ than American Asians. I am even prepared to believe that populations which are overwhelmingly agricultural breed for strength and endurance, not intelligence. That's probably why Jews are generally pretty smart- they were forbidden for a thousand years from owning land in Europe, and had to survive in professions that required mental acuteness. But that is a product of history, not an innate quality.

Suppose we passed a law tomorrow that only black people with IQ's above 120 could have children, and only white people with IQ's below 80 could have children. How long would it take before we had a country populated by smart black people and dumb white people? Thinking about that alone should convince you of the essential absurdity of your argument.

That is, naturally, if you are seriously interested, and not just one more racist asshole. Of course, I have never seen comments like yours that come from anyone but a racist asshole, so why don't you try to prove to us that you are not one of them?

Magpie said...

What an ignorant twit this Martin is.

“Chinese (and Japanese) do all those things we link with high IQ - school success, employed in professional jobs, stable relationships, low crime, low substance abuse.”

From 25 years of living in, and coming and going from, Japan… I can assure anyone that there are just as many stupid people there as anywhere else.

Of the crime syndicates in the world, among the biggest and most vicious are the Russian mob (white), the Yamaguchi gumi (Japanese), the Calabrian Mafia (Italian), D-company (Indian subcontinent and Middle-east) and 14K (Hong Kong triads). And that’s ahead of the Mexican cartels and the American mafia. If this is proof of intelligence, I’d welcome more dumb people, unless they’re complete morons like Martin.
Professional jobs?
A great many Japanese people do not have professional jobs. Seeing as most people in Japan are Japanese the labour shortage would be catastrophic if that was the case. The service sector is huge. Millions serve you cheap noodles, work cash registers and drive trucks. Smarter than Martin perhaps, but not that smart.
Stable relationships?
You go 20 yards as a divorcee in Japan – especially if you are a woman - and find out what social opprobrium and exclusion really means. God help you if you are a kid and the other kids find out your parents are divorced. A common theme of love songs is the affair that is implicitly understood to be extra-marital, because traditionally it is a given you would never divorce, even if your marriage ended in any real sense long ago – you would simply maintain a relationship on the side, for decades perhaps. Abortion is through the roof in Japan, even though the national birth rate is alarmingly low.
Substance abuse.
Common. Often via drugs brought in by the Chinese and Korean (and Japanese) mobs, who hate Japanese with a passion even if they’ve lived all their lives in Japan, and the feeling is often mutual. Unlike white racists, these people hate those who are racially near identical to themselves – that’s their twist on the idiocy - which if anything is more STUPID than Martin, if that’s possible. Recently Ultra-Right nationalists in Japan held demonstrations holding signs calling for the extermination of Koreans – much to the horror of normal Japanese people, many of whom love Korean pop and other culture, and who were moved to counter-demonstrate, which resulted in an open street brawls - between Japanese.
Brain size?
Apart from the fact that Asian people do not in fact have grey alien heads, an elephant’s brain is three times the size of a human’s.
What’s Dumbo’s scholastic record? Impressive?

The only question I have is...
what does all this have to do with the Pope?