Saturday, September 1, 2012

Your Liberal Press- Washington Post Edition (Chapter 372,664 or so)

For a real taste of the mainstream media's intended treatment of the next two months in politics, you need look no farther than this article in the Washington Post, by Jennifer Rubin.  I leave it to you to decide if the following is the product of unapologetic lying or of a state of hallucinatory psychosis. 

"The Romney team knew it was a good night, a very good night...Or to paraphrase New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, they think they’ve taken a big step toward earning the respect, if not the love, of the voters."

Let us remember that this comment refers to a night in which Clint Easwood...well, did whatever he did...and then Romney bored the country (or the small part of  it that was watching) into such a state of ennui that many were reduced to counting the times he smacked his lips (Democratic Underground documents 101, in case you are interested.)

"Romney’s senior advisers believe...they have gone a significant way in defanging the Bain attacks. By embracing Bain more fully and offering details to explain Romney’s sense of pride in his business accomplishments, they are cautiously optimistic that Bain now conjures up more positive associations (leadership, persistence, attention to detail, trust) than negative ones (“vulture” capitalism).
Senior advisers think their summer gamble paid off. They let the negative ads rain down on them for months. Now they hope the stories of Romney’s fellow Mormons and his Bain colleagues and businesses will make President Obama’s attacks look silly and small"

Oh yes, the fact that Romney visited some guy in the hospital will make people totally forget that he made himself obscenely rich by destroying thousands of other people's jobs.  And of course the fact that Romney has a "sense of pride" in that is really a wonderful thing- almost as touching as Reinhard Heydrich's sense of pride in his sterling civil administration of Czechoslovakia.

"Perhaps as interesting were the tone and reaction of the media. They are in person as cynical and snarky as they often appear on air and in print. But over the week you could see grudging admiration for the professionalism and improvement in a campaign operation that has sometimes seemed amateurish"

Over the week... until Clint took the stage.  And by the way, just how professional do you have to be to put on a three day orgy of boredom?

"As for the Obama camp, I suspect there were some worried glances and furrowed brows last night."

 Jennifer "suspects" the Obama camp were worried.  Not a shred of evidence for this suspicion, not even the usual "anonymous administration source."  But her factless claims are still adequate to find a place in today's Washington Post.

"They probably will be more adept than their surrogates in the punditocracy who think shouting “Liar!” and “Extreme!” is sufficient."

It makes no difference that the claims that Romney and Ryan are extremists and liars are totally true.  No, they are "shouting" the truth, and that is not acceptable behavior, in the opinion of the Washington Post.  It is far more becoming when Romney and Ryan quietly set forth their endless lies.   Republican lies- well, that's just business as usual, but Democrats getting upset about being the targets of their lies- how gauche.

"You get the sense that the Obama team must have known that at some point Romney would break through the media filter and convey his innate decency to voters."

 An innate decency which, let us make it clear, does not exist.  Innately decent people don't use their position to become obscenely wealthy at the expense of thousands of others left destitute.  No matter how many Thanksgiving dinners Romney serves or how many people he visits in the hospital, he cannot expunge that history.  Romney's behavior over his business career is a perfect microcosm of everything that has spun totally out of control in this country, and it is staggering that the Republicans had the gall to nominate him for president.

"For all the money and effort, the Obama campaign is farther away at the end of the summer than it was at the beginning in demonizing Romney."

Really? Funny, all the polls suggest that the more people hear about Romney the more they dislike him.  Of course, that is a "fact," something that is not very significant any more at the Washington Post.

"...this week demonstrated that the campaign officials are more skilled than they have been depicted, and their errors and stumbles have in large part been obliterated in the lingering glow of the convention."

Like I said, psychotic delusion, or merely more lies?  We report, you decide.

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