Thursday, September 13, 2012


Well, for anyone interested, here is the "trailer" for the video that incited the violence in Egypt and Libya:

As you can see it isn't a trailer at all, just a collection of offensive and ludicrously inept scenes from the video.  At this point, I'm not sure if the rioting was motivated by the cheesy insults to Islam, or a proper sense of outrage at the quality of the acting.

I just want to say that I think that it is very important that someone gets to the bottom of who is responsible for this ugly piece of hatred.  We deserve to know who in our country deliberately produced this provocation; and if it has any connection to the party which has been deliberately fomenting violence against Muslims for eleven years now, I only pray that our country still has enough backbone to make them pay the price.

Update:  Well, now we seem to know that the film in question was produced by Coptic (i.e. Egyptian) Christians.  Well, now I want to suggest something that may be unpopular with many.  Given the centuries-long oppression of Coptic Christians by Muslims in Egypt, don't the Islamists there bear a good part of the blame for this act of hatred?


Poll P. said...

I couldn't get past the first scene. Deeply creepy. I love the facts that are coming out about its production: all references to islam were added in post-production!!!

Magpie said...

As to the question you pose in your update, GE….

Depends what you mean by “Islamists”.
If you mean rabble-rousing religious terrorists… then yes, they deserve everything they get. They hurt those they hate, they hurt those they profess to represent, they hurt people like you and me who have nothing to do with it.
HOWEVER… the ill effects of acts of hatred will not be confined to them will it? Someone innocent always pays. Some kid, some woman, some poor bastard on his way to work.

If you mean the Islamic population in general – and I don’t think you do - then.. No.
No race, religion or creed has collective responsibility for the crimes of their criminal element, or for what was done in their name in the past.

Christian and Muslims – and Jews - have to do what it takes to get along, and not drag the rest of us into their stupid drama over their stupid imaginary friends and their stupid moralities.

Enough with this ancient hatreds bullshit… they all believe in an afterlife so why don’t they just wait until they die and go stink things up there instead??

Green Eagle said...

Sorry, Magpie, I must disagree with you here. The oppression of Copts has been widespread for centuries in Egypt. running from the government through large parts of the civilian population.

We in the United States could, under your line of reasoning, dismiss any responsibility to our black population by stating that we never owned slaves personally.

The Egyptian government needs to stand up to this miserable hatred. Until they do, it will continue.

Magpie said...

The US has a responsibility to all citizens, whether they’re black or not doesn’t figure into it.

I don’t get where you’re going with this… you agree the film was a bad idea.

The person most responsible for it has a criminal history..
People are dead because of it. And as ever… it’s innocent people.
Four of yours in this case. How does this help, encourage or force the Egyptian government – such as it is – to protect a religious minority?