Friday, September 7, 2012

Romney Gets Ready For the Massacre

I was interested in a Daily Kos story about the Romney campaign, awash in so much money that they can hardly find a way to spend it, pulling its ads from the vital State of Ohio this week.  Kos speculates that they may have already given up on Ohio, and goes on to say:

"Since the Romney campaign ain't talking, all we can do is speculate. Are they running short on cash? They've been hoarding general election money raised all year, but they can spend it now. Why wait the extra week? Maybe they're being forced to retool their message after their convention failed to move any numbers: If your unchallenged 3-4 hour infomercial gets no traction, spending hundreds of millions with that same message might not be a smart idea."

I want to advance another and, I think, far more plausible theory.   Given the nature of the Romney campaign, which so far has consisted of nothing but lies, deceptively edited videos, and more lies, here is what I think they are up to.  They are hoarding their hundreds of millions of dollars until the last three weeks of the campaign, when they are going to release an unending blizzard of malignant smears against Obama, beyond anything the world has ever seen, hoping that the time until the election will be too short for an effective rebuttal.

We'll see, but I fear the worst- a dirty campaign that truly would have made Joseph Goebbels proud.

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the yellow fringe said...

I think your right. They will pack them tight around the debates. I just finished a book, Language Intelligence, one of the thing it pointed out is that repeated warnings, especially to older people, have a cross over point where they misunderstand and take it as an endorsement. "Don't trust Obama" told to grandpa enough at some point the word 'don't" gets dropped in the human brain.