Sunday, September 30, 2012

Not Much to Say, Really

I sure haven't been posting much lately.  What's more, I see the signs of similar lassitude at other blogs I read regularly.

No one wants to pay attention to anything but the election, and let's face it- this is the most boring and trivial Presidential election in decades.  What was billed by the Republican as the Great Clash of Ideas has turned out to be nothing of the sort, perhaps because Republicans really don't have any ideas, just an endless string of excuses for favoring the rich.  Instead, our days are consumed with waiting for their useless candidate to make another one of his almost daily "gaffes," i.e. to once again reveal himself to be a smug, self-entitled boor without a shred of empathy or understanding of people who are not wealthy.

So we wait, to find out if endless corporate money and open Republican election rigging can place this man in the White House, despite the fact that no rational person could want him within a thousand miles of Washington. And really, there's not much we can do about it.  We can talk all we want about getting out the vote, but how much good can that really do in the face of intimidation at the polling places, and a campaign to remove Democratic voters from the electoral rolls?

Here's the very cheery state of the current Presidential election, from Rand:

Looks great, until you think about those hundreds of millions of rich people's money waiting to be poured into radio and TV commercials in the next five weeks- commercials which grow more vicious and dishonest by the day; and until you think about the unknown number of Democratic voters who are going to show up on election day to discover that some stranger financed by the Koch brothers has succeeded in denying them the right to vote.

This is not a pretty picture of the supposedly democratic system we have in this country.  And virtually no one, least of all that 5% of "undecided"  (i.e. stupid and ignorant) voters who are going to choose our President for us, seems to think that it is important enough to worry about

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