Friday, September 7, 2012

Wingnut Wrapup- Convention Edition

I've really been very neglectful of Wingnut Wrapup lately because, in the runup to the conventions, practically all of the wingnuts coalesced behind the Romney party line.  Consequently, for quite a while there, the right blogosphere has been dead boring.  However, the miserable failure that was their convention, followed by the amazingly well produced Democratic one, have predictably unhinged them again, and it is business as usual.  So, time for Green Eagle to get back to work.

Today's Wingnut Wrapup is respectfully dedicated to Dick Morris (the man who is never right,) who confidently predicted that Bill Clinton was going to use his speech to sabotage Obama, and when Clinton didn't come through on Dick's promise, had this to say:

"On Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” on Wednesday night, onetime Bill Clinton ally (now foe) Dick Morris suggested the former president secretly wants Barack Obama to lose the election but won’t say so publicly because the Obama administration is holding Hillary Clinton hostage and it will kill her if he loses."

Yes, you read that right. Obama has kidnapped Hillary and is threatening to kill her.  And in a perfect sign of how deranged the right is in this country, this man was given a place on national television to utter this claim, with no one willing to contradict him.  Well, onward and upward- I mean no one could be lower than Dick Morris, so whatever follows must be better, right?

Town Hall:  "Before DNC Acceptance Speech, Obama Begs for Campaign Cash "

Because it is so much more seemly to just take tens of millions from crooks and lobbyists in private.

Neal Boortz, Town Hall:  "By now you certainly know that the Democrats have been suffering from a self-inflicted injury since their convention began in Charlotte on Tuesday. For the first time in many presidential election years, the word God was omitted from their platform."

Big deal.  I mean really.  Republicans, could you get any more childish?  Well, at least there's one self-inflicted injury the Dems didn't suffer from- the guy with the empty chair.

Michael Reagan, Town Hall:  "Four More Years of Failure"

What, we're going back to George W. Bush?  Hey, I guess we are if Mitt is elected.  Thanks, Michael, for being so honest about it.

Michelle Malkin, Town Hall:  "Circus of the Vagina-gogues"

Ever tasteful.  Boy, something really has Michelle on a tear these days.  And it ain't pretty.

Town Hall:  "Lackluster Obama DNC Speech: Change is Hard!   A Small And Angry President"

And which planet did you see that on?  Oh right, it's that "angry black man" thing.  Can't neglect that dog whistle.

Katie Pavlich, Town Hall:  "Dems: We Totally Support Banning Corporate Profits"

Why sure they do.  Sure they do.  Wisdom from Town Hall's Junior Liar in Training, Katie Pavlich.  But wait, Katie is not done spewing her hatred for today:

Katie Pavlich, Town Hall:  "Democratic Chairman: Christians Want Jews Slaughtered"

Oh yeah, that's just what Democrats believe.  That's just what they are going to run on.  And here is the sort of response Katie's ugliness gets from Conservatives:

Michelle Malkin:  “ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATING! Intrepid investigative journalist Katie Pavlich rips the lid off Team Obama’s murderous corruption and anti-Second Amendment zealotry"

The "murderous corruption" and "anti-second-amendment zealotry" that needs a Katie Pavlich, because no sane American can find any trace of either.  Like I said, Michelle really seems to be off her meds this week.

Emmett Tyrell, Town Hall:  "Who cares about what Bill Clinton says?"

Yeah, who cares?  Funny, Emmett, you guys were afraid to even bring out your last President.  I wonder why that was?  People still love Clinton.  If he could run again, he'd beat Romney by the biggest margin in U.S. history, and you know it damned well.

Town Hall:  "Obama advisers don't expect big bounce in polls"

They don't expect no bounce, either.  That's what Romney got after "expecting" an 11% bounce.  Sorry, it didn't happen.  Republicans, we feel your pain.

And here's something from before Clinton's speech, brought to you with nostalgia:

Leah Barkoukis, Town Hall:  "Will Clinton 'Go Rogue' Tonight at the DNC?"

Wishful thinking from the guys who had their convention's star speaker talk to a chair.  Sorry, Republicans.  It didn't happen.  Unless "going rogue" is a translation for "ripping Mitt a new one."  Republicans were so desperate after their convention, that I could have filled this whole post with this sort of thinking, but I will leave it here.

Michelle Malkin, Town Hall:  "Obama's (Un)American Auto Bailout...But like all of the economic success stories manufactured by the White House, the $85 billion government handout is a big fat farce."

1,100,000 jobs saved.  A big fat farce.  Well, at least we know how much Republicans really care about "jobs, jobs, jobs." 

And by the way, there goes Michelle again.  Girl, get a grip.

Barry Rubin, Pajamas Media:  "The Democratic Platform: Not One Word on Islamism "

They didn't go along with one of the right's favorite delusions-  what a miserable mistake.  And you know what?  They didn't even talk about the evils of water fluoridation, or the Illuminati!  They are utterly indifferent to the real threats facing this country, the dogs.

Roger Kimball, Pajamas Media:  "Clinton’s Speech: Nasty, Brutish, and Long"

Hmm, an interesting take.  Why would Roger feel that way?

 "I snorted with contempt when the Left greeted Paul Ryan’s speech with the charge that it was full of “lies” (or, as someone at Salon put it, “brazen lies.”) As I and many others have pointed out, a look at the “factcheckers” of Ryan’s speech not only showed that he hadn’t lied, but that he wasn’t even mistaken:The $716 billion Obamacare pilfers from Medicare, the plant closing in Janesville — all that happened just the way Ryan said it did."

Lying about the fact-checking of the lies.  You know what it looks like when you stand between two mirrors and look into one of them, and it seems to go on forever?  Well, that's the Republicans, only you don't get endless tax cuts for the rich in the mirrors.

J. Christian Adams, PJ Media:  "Lee Atwater couldn’t have written a better script for the Democratic National Convention that just ended in Charlotte. The Charlotte fiasco was a less violent version of the fiasco in Chicago in 1968, except the lunacy was now inside the venue, not outside...The young radicals of 1968 have become the old radicals who now control the Democrat Party. They put on a convention this week characterized by incompetence, radicalism, and race."

A perfect example by this anti-American Bush Administration tool, of the Republicals' attempt to accuse the Democrats of everything that Republicans do wrong, thus muddying the waters.  Incompetence, radicalism and race is a virtually perfect description of the Republicans' Tampa fiasco, so they ludicrously accuse the Democrats, who just ran an almost perfect convention, of the same thing. 

Alan Caruba, Renew America:  "The DNC's orgy of lies and hypocrisy...So far there is little to be believed in the course of the Democratic Party convention. It is a great concoction of half-truths, distortions, and outright lies. The hypocrisy fills the convention all like the musk of a dead, decaying animal corpse."

And another example of Republican projection as a political tactic.

James Lewis, American Thinker:  "Barack Obama is an odd bird in American presidential politics...because he is so far out of the norm that he doesn't instinctively follow all the standard moves.  American politicians have a certain standard set of rituals..."

The first and most important of which is to be born white.  Obama failed that one right off the bat, and he hasn't even tried to correct it.

Well, there's so much more, but that's enough for now.  Romney is launching his latest $100 million dollar corporate financed lie blitz today, so I'm sure that will give the wingnuts lots to be happy about.  They'll be crowing away again, filled with pride at their rich, Wall Street vulture of a candidate, so I'm sure there will be lots more fun for us in the near future.  See you soon.


Poll P. said...

Clinton's speec`h out-drew the NFL season opener!

JohninOregon said...

The wingnuts at their worst skewered by Green Eagle at his best.

Magpie said...

Clinton and Obama’s speeches were complimentary. Clinton nailed the far Right takeover of the Republican party.
Obama delivered particular emphasis on defending women having the right to make their own health decisions…. They know that issue is a loser for Republicans.
Warren was terrific. The Dems seem fairly confident that the far Right are killing themselves electorally via their capacity to alienate practically anyone, and they amplified that effect.

The Democrats represent moderate mainstream America now, and the Republicans are lapdogs to extremist radicals.
That’s been the truth for a long time, and everything in the DNC worked well to conveying that.

Rocky2 said...

Christians Don't Want Jewish Death

Democrat leader Mark Siegel stated at the DNC that "fundamentalist Christians...want Jews to die and convert so they can bring on the second coming of their Lord."
It wasn't Glenn Beck, John Hagee, Hal Lindsey or any other Christian who first talked about the predicted massive slaughter of Jews during what Christians call the "end times."
It was the ancient Hebrew prophet Zechariah who as long ago as 487 B.C. predicted that two-thirds of Jewry in the "last days" will be killed (Zech. 13:8).
All true Christian leaders view this scripture with horror and sympathy and NOT with glee!
Fundamentalist Christians are actually waiting for an "any-moment rapture" to Heaven (several years before the second coming) and do not believe that any event, including this final Jewish holocaust, has to happen before their escapist rapture happens.
More shocks. Fundamentalists have recently been learning that their rapture belief was first taught in Britain in 1830 and that it wasn't widely adopted by Americans until the early 1900s. The documentation on all this is in "The Rapture Plot" (carried by online bookstores) which also reveals for the first time that, amazingly enough, this British theory has an anti-Jewish foundation! (For more info Google "Pretrib Rapture Politics.")
Although no one is perfect, evangelical Christians (including fundamentalists) are still the best friends of Jewish persons and Israel.

[Green Eagle: Saw above on net.]

Green Eagle said...

John, thanks for that, but I am sorry to inform you that I have tons of websites that are so despicable that I virtually never quote them here. From Pam Geller to dual-seed Christian identity followers, Sovereign citizens to utterly insane anti-Semitic and anti-black conspiracy sites, I could show you stuff that makes the things in Wingnut Wrapup look mild.

Of course, as the years go by, bit by bit the right wingers push these things into mainstream discourse. Come back in twenty years, and I guarantee that you will find things that would scare you half to death if they were said openly now.

Green Eagle said...

"Although no one is perfect, evangelical Christians (including fundamentalists) are still the best friends of Jewish persons and Israel."

I have followed the right since the mid-1960's. I know the modern history of evangelical Christianity going back to the Moody Bible Institute's work in the fifties, and such personalities as Reverend Carl McIntyre and Reverend Stuart McBirnie.

I will state my belief here as directly as I can: virtually every evangelical Christian on earth is an antisemite. Their supposed concern about Israel is totally a product of their idiotic apocalyptic beliefs; and let's be clear about this: they themselves will be the only beneficiaries of the second coming they imagine. Evangelical Christianity has not one thing to do with the Jesus we read about in the bible; it is a totally self-serving religion, designed to benefit only its adherents by granting them a free pass to heaven. The rest of the world, including the Jews, can, as far as they are concerned, literally go to hell.

JohninOregon said...

Speaking of the history, my favorite story is about the Rev. Billy James Hargis, a pioneer of wingnut hate radio. His downfall began when he married two students from his "Christian college." On their honeymoon, as the story goes, the newlyweds confided some past sins and discovered that both had slept with the good reverend!