Thursday, September 20, 2012

Romney Supporters Get The Message

I want to talk about something I said a few posts ago, in connection with some results from a new Gallup poll:

"Romney Has Support Among Lowest Income Voters... Romney still gets about a third of the vote among those whose household incomes are less than $24,000 a year.

Americans who pay no income tax cover the entire income spectrum, but most research shows that a large percentage of those non-payers are those in the lowest income households. Yet, even among those who make less than $24,000 a year in household income, 34% say they will vote for Romney.... a detailed analysis of voting choice by age shows that Americans 70 and older are among Romney's strongest voter segments, particularly those aged 70 to 79."

People over 65 with incomes of less than $24,000 a year are almost totally living on Social Security.  And yet, as I predicted, a large number of these people do not think they are members of the dreaded 47% of moochers who live off of government benefits. 

This phenomenon is the result of one thing:  Romney is knowingly blowing one of the loudest dog whistles on the face of the earth.  He knows that his hate-filled, ignorant, largely old voter base will correctly interpret "the 47%" to be a reference to the "other" sort of people- i.e. blacks, Latinos and similar degenerate Democrats.  No matter how much they depend on checks from the government, the people in his base will always see themselves as upstanding, self-supporting true Americans, as opposed to, well, you know who.

Romney has bet his campaign on this, and it is a good bet.  These people believe that they are in with rich vultures like Romney, and that those vultures really intend to take care of them, while stripping everything from minorities who, by virtue of their race, deserve nothing from the rest of us.  People this stupid have a really ugly day of reckoning coming if they get their wish and put this sociopathic, self entitled man in the White House.  Unfortunately, it is a day of reckoning in which the rest of us will share.


mastercynic said...

Romeny is himself a member of the greatest government moocher class of all! I believe he received in excess of 7 million dollars of tax breaks and aid in 2011.

Poll P. said...

His horse alone got 17k in breaks!

not THAT anonymous said...

There are plenty of white racists in the $24,000 and less income bracket. If they vote at all it's likely going to be for Romney.