Wednesday, September 19, 2012

If Liberal Bloggers Were Like Conservative Bloggers- Part Two

Green Eagle was never very good at dancing like an Egyptian back in the day, but he's trying to learn to blog like a Conservative.  A couple of days ago, I pointed out how likely it was that Mitt Romney was a Communist spy.  Today, I'm back with another startling revelation.

Some of you may remember when Conservative lunatics produced the following photos as evidence that Barack's father was really some virtually unheard of alleged Communist, Frank Marshall Davis- a character whose lack of notoriety makes Saul Alinsky seem like Elvis:

Well, this sterling example of  nearly unbelievable stupidity hard-hitting investigative journalism motivated Green Eagle to engage in the "research" that led to the following shocking information:


Mitt Romney's Real Father Finally Revealed!!!!!

Many of Green Eagle's readers will be familiar with the fact that Mitt Romney's family once lived in Mexico.  In fact, Green Eagle has confirmed that his grandparents (grandpa and five grandmas) lived there at approximately the same time as one of the greatest Communists of all time, Leon Trotsky.  This fact proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Romney family was very close to Trotsky and they were undoubtedly strongly influenced by his beliefs.

Now, Green Eagle offers to his readers the following astounding photograph, which will shake the Presidential election to its foundations:

It is irrefutably clear from this photo that Mitt Romney's father was, in fact, not George Romney, but the arch-Communist Leon Trotsky!  This has been cleverly hidden from the American people, but now at last the evil truth has been revealed!

This traitorous man must be stopped before he has the opportunity to bring the yoke of Communist tyranny to all the freedom loving people of the United States!


Well, what do you think?  Has Green Eagle learned the lessons of Conservative journalism?  Is he qualified to meet the high standards of integrity demanded of all wingnut bloggers, or does he still need more practice?


Jerry Critter said...

I always knew Romney was a damn Commie. Now you have proved it!

Borat said...

Since every conservative PAC is funded by the Chinese, I don't doubt he is the true Manchurian Candidate.

Curt said...

It's hard to parody something that is a parody of itself already, but I think you've done it quite nicely.

Dave Dubya said...

It MUST be true! I read it on the internets.