Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Smirking Goon

There isn't much I can add to the news about the goon Romney and his un-American, vicious attack on Obama yesterday.  I'd just like to post the following two pictures showing how thrilled with himself Romney was after his filthy comments:

He wasn't just willing to do something totally disgraceful- he was really proud of himself for doing it.  This man has no business having control over any of us, let alone being President of the United States.  He is a sickening, craven jerk.  If this hideous incident ends any chance he has to win the November election, it will be no more than he deserves, and it will bring an early end to the peril that we all would be in if he became the President.

I am finding it hard to find adequate words to express my contempt for this miserable excuse for a human being.  Sorry for not being up to the task.


Well, here's someone who found the verbal wherewithal that I lacked.  From Daily Kos:

"One does not smirk when discussing a horrific act. No matter how much you feel the act may benefit you personally, presuming you are the sort of monster that thinks such things, one does not smirk when discussing acts of murder and violence. Even if you have the emotional capacity of a gnat, even if your own ambitions are so great that you cannot help it, one does not smirk. Not, at the very least, when the event is fresh, and the repercussions of the act still unknown, and the possibility of further violence still unclear. Even if you are indeed an outright monster, there ought to be no inner glee visible on your face as you stand before the nation to discuss how a set of still-fresh murders proves your own worth. That was the part where Mr. Romney turned from being a deplorable politician to being a repulsive human being. It is not worth condemning him, or demanding apologies from him, or even making fun of him; that one damn smirk told too long a story. Here is someone whose ambition outshines their empathy. Here is a person who, in times of stress, is first to probe whether it is exploitable to his advantage. Here is a person who focuses on such things to such a degree that he cannot even fully pretend to hide it.

...I could stomach Mitt as vapid charlatan. As a smirking, malevolent, outright bastard of a man, though, I am pleased to say that I am still a decent enough person to feel no sympathy for that. No, Richard Milhous Gantry here has got to go."

There's plenty more there.  Feel free to click on the link and see for yourself.

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Grung_e_Gene said...

Romney's made his entire life on profiting off the misery and destruction of Americans lives. Why would it be any different now? He's going for the Big House he'll happily smirk as he uses deaths to advance his agenda.