Monday, September 3, 2012

A Note About the Military Terrorists

Here's a nice article from Crooks and Liars with the following title:

"Georgia Militia Terrorists Fit DHS Bulletin Profile Perfectly"

As I predicted (it didn't really take much in the way of prescience,) this group, which the entire mainstream press is calling anarchists, i.e. some sort of liberals, is really nothing but one more out of control pack of right wing haters.  But God forbid that anyone should point this out, or some person of truly massive stature like Michelle Malkin or Pam Geller might call them bad names.

We are still burdened in this country with an in-the-tank press that will do whatever it has to in order to obscure the truly horrific storm that is brewing on the right in this country.  They bear a major part of the blame for all that has gone wrong here for the last thirty years, and they are going to continue smugly providing cover for the people that are really our greatest threat, even while those people ride a tidal wave of hatred, lies and greed to power over all of us.


Poll P. said...

Posted the last paragraph straight to Facebook.

Dave Dubya said...

In WWII generic German soldiers were always called heroes. That has happened here now. The corporate media dare not disturb the myth that all soldiers are heroes.

The next phase of course, is when corporate media label liberals traitors, like FOX(R) and talk radio did to those who questioned the lies before the invasion of Iraq.