Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just a Thought

How long, do you think, before this guy

Completes his transformation into this guy?

Just wondering.


mastercynic said...

He should be so lucky!

Green Eagle said...

I'm thinking of a movie called "Sheriff Joe" starring Vincent D'Onofrio in the Hank Quinlan role, as he descends into madness and eventually tries to murder the President of the United States.

Too bad we don't have Charlton Heston left to play Obama in dark makeup.

Anonymous said...

as long as it took Obama to transform into this guy

the yellow fringe said...

Oh, I do not agree with Anonymous said.... at all. Everyone knows white guys and black guys don't morph at the same rate, it's an illogical premise.

Green Eagle said...

Oh, Anonymous, your comment makes so much sense, as usual:

Hank Quinlan: Fictional violent, corrupt border state Sheriff
Joe Arpaio: Real violent, corrupt border state Sheriff

Al Capone: Murderous criminal gang thug
Barack Obama: Head of the Harvard Law Review who got elected President, even though he came from a humble background.

Yes sir, that was certainly a good comparison, guy.

Anonymous said...

he's was a street rabble rouser as he was in college. Give me a break.
speaking of violence

Green Eagle said...

Capone was a street rabble rouser in college? Who knew he even went to college?

And by the way, "street rabble rouser" is not a synonym for "head of the Mafia," you know, nor is it a traditional description of the head of the Harvard Law Review.

You are really a pathetic person, Anonymous, both dead ignorant and rather on the stupid side. I think YOU ought to spend a little more time in a school of some sort, rather than constantly humiliating yourself in public like this.