Monday, May 14, 2012

Breitbart Readers Show Their Class

Andrew Breitbart may be dead of a "heart attack"  (we all know that Obama personally clubbed him to death with a petrified homo leg,) but his spirit lives on in the hearts of his readers.  I thought you might like to see a selection of comments from one single post about Obama's stance on gay marriage.  Remember folks, this is the training ground from which our future Jonah Goldbergs and Michelle Malkins will emerge to provide Green Eagle with fodder for his endless squawking.  So here we go:

"Obama is no better than Hitler and his brown shirt thugs."

Well, we expected that one, didn't we? I mean, what would a right wing comment stream be without a little added Hitler?  Still, best to get it out of the way straight off.  And here is a great literary effort:

"What's wrong with being a HOMOPHOBE  ?
Since when did the gays and lesbians matter in this country....anyway.
Who even gives a < s**t > what they think.
About 99 % of them are Far Left Liberals who won't vote for Romney.
99 % of gays are Communists....just like Obama....and all his Hollywood buddies.
They shouldn't be allowed on television.
They shouldn't be allowed to teach their LIFESTYLE to our children.
They shouldn't be allow to even breathe the same air that we breathe.
They shouldn't even be allowed on this planet.
It's the Republicans are afraid to be labeled as RACISTS & HOMOPHOBES.
No. 1)    The Republicans aren't going to get any of the BLACK VOTE....anyway.
No. 2)    And, they aren't going to get ANY of the gay vote......PERIOD.
So why be concerned about it  ??
The gays are too stupid to realize how they are being manipulated by Obama.
All he wants is their < MONEY >.
I thought gays were supposed to be intelligent."

Wow...I think that's the whole 2012 Republican platform.

"Stop trying to paint republicans as "racist and homophobes".  Stop bending over, your Nancy Pelosi panties are showing."

And of course, it doesn't show you to be a homophobe when you accuse Obama of wearing women's panties, oh, no. 

"Obama will go down in history with Presidents like Wilson, FDR, and Johnson for his economic social agenda of progressive socialism for America.  The former United States Presidents were not Constitutional American Presidents."

Man, that would be a miserable fate- going down in history like FDR.  And didn't we know it all along?  "Constitutional" is a synonym for "Republican."

"Obama is the next step in the death of the America the Founding Fathers created. Today Obama utilizes all the tools that his predecessors left at his disposal."

"Using all of the tools that his predecessors left at his disposal:" isn't that called "governing?"

"By the way TNT... have you read the news about Obama's anti-bullying Czar? That guy is a bully of the worst kind"

Na na na na na, no, you are...

"There is a really bad script here, a bunch of wealthy people's spoiled children, turned 60's radicals (the Weather Underground), find a bright young black kid, brainwash him to appear as mainstream as possible, and once he is in office,  destroys the Capitalist Pig Machine from within, kind of like 'Manchurian Candidate.'

Funny, that's not what I remember that movie being about at all.  By the way, if by "a really bad script" you mean a very stupid idea based on infantile political thinking, well, you got that one right.

And, here is a response to a liberal remark:

"Someone needs to carve a swastika in your forehead, along with everyone else who votes Obama in 2012, so you all can be identified wherever you go."

Well, at least all we'd have to do is look for the people with no swastika to spot the homicidal lunatics.

"Obama has no record to stand on so all he can do is lie and lie and lie some more to all of his uneducated followers."

Obama has no record to stand on?  Well, may I helpfully suggest that he stand on a copy of Buddy Guy's "Five Long Years?"  I think that would be a good choice.

"I been telling people he's a thug, a racketeer, radical leftist, shake down artist, megalomaniac, scheister, race baiter, compulsive lier, amd presidental extortionist!"

 "Scheister?"  Is that the Yiddish  for "shyster?"

By the way, "You been telling people," huh?  You better watch it wit' dat, cause you talk dat way in Joisy and you're liable to leave da state wit' a couple of less fingers or somethin' buster.  You get what I'm sayin?  Yeah, I AM talkin to you. You got a problem wit' dat?

"This is what happens when you don't support "Dear Leader", that is until after the election then it will be off to the re-education camp.  They will take my gun from my cold dead hands."

That's okay- without a gun, what could you need your hands for anyway?

"These magots do not have a clue that private donars are just that....private.   Mahr and Soros are totally public figures."

Of course, because they give to Democrats.  They are fair targets for any kind of abuse.  Republican donors, on the other hand, come in for the Patriot Privacy exclusion.  Talk about them and their motives, and you are a traitor.

"There is a reason the Mexican borders are not shut down -- the drug traffic in Chicago would be impacted"

Oh, right.  That explains everything.


Grung_e_Gene said...

Please change title to more accurate:

Breitbart Readers Shoe Their Ass

Anonymous said...

Of course people seem to always shoot the messenger. In this instance Obama is the messenger carrying out the orders for his corporate handlers

Now onto more serious matters

constantcomment said...

Serious? The conservatives killed a coroner to cover up Breitbart's hanging himself during masturbation? That hardly even qualifies as news.

Anonymous said...

yeah I guess that's what it must be.
Your masters taught you well I see.
I notice you didn't reply to the first part of that comment.

Green Eagle said...

Hey, Anonymous, I clicked on your link and got a Mennen Speed Stick ad. I'm really trying to figure this out. I once met G. Mennen "Soapy" Williams, who was governor of Michigan before George Romney. He seemed like a real nice guy, but I still don't get what that has to do with the fact that wingnuts are fucking crazy.

Anonymous said...

whre is he proof of who said any of your above propoaganda or doyou get it off media matters site?
Yes right winger are all so fucking crazy and the left are all so smart and all knowing.
Like this group of intellects

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Here are your typical democrat voters

Mavelier said...

Ron Paul is a Democrat?

Green Eagle said...


I do not provide links to this right wing vicious garbage. If you care, you can find these comments where I said they were, at

I'm at least glad that you are so embarrassed by this stuff that you have to lie away its very existence.

Green Eagle said...

And by the way, we deal in facts here, not cheap-shot you-tube videos. You love responding with these videos because you know how contemptible right wingers are, and you won't admit how badly conservative cant has damaged our country. The facts are the facts, and as Che once said, they aren't on the side of the fascist right wingers.

Magpie said...

I might take that long nasty quote at the start there and put it on my blog - for the edification of my Right-wing visitors.
Just to let them know what they're in bed with.
Hope you don't mind.

Dave Dubya said...

"Someone needs to carve a swastika in your forehead, along with everyone else who votes Obama in 2012, so you all can be identified wherever you go."

Yes, and just who were those European "Right thinking" folks in the 1930's and 40's who would mutilate people they hate, and scar, tag, or tatoo them so they could be identified wherever they go?

Projection again

Anonymous said...

Yeah you gotta hate it when exposes your Messiah

Don't forget to throw old Noam under the bus now.

Anonymous said...


Green Eagle said...


If it is any satisfaction to you, I had a personal run-in with Noam Chomsky when I was a doctoral candidate in linguistic philosophy back in the late sixties, as a result of which I have always regarded him as a totally untrustworthy, dishonest hypocrite who has no interest other than self-promotion.

I've never had any reason to alter that opinion.