Friday, May 25, 2012

Wingnut Wrapup

 The new thing in right wing circles this election season is "vetting."  Everywhere you go you hear this word.

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines "vet" as "to examine something or someone carefully to make certain that they are acceptable or suitable."  This is pretty much what I always thought the word means, but apparently it has a different definition for conservatives, for whom it seems to mean "to search high and wide for any lie that we can make stick to some Democrat, most likely Obama."  Here is a picture which has been circulating on the right the last few days, which seems to be part of their "vetting:"

Right wingers were really excited about this photo which was allegedly taken when Obama was at Occidental College, and which they claimed showed him with Bill Ayers.  That lasted until someone pointed out that Bill Ayers is 17 years older than Obama, and the white guy there is hardly 17 years old.  Well, then they "vetted" it again, and seem to be concluding that it has something to do with Obama having once smoked marijuana.  I am sure this story will solidify in the coming days.  Well, on to Tombstone.

The tourist attraction of Tombstone, Arizona lost a good part of its water supply in heavy rains last year.  Now, the Federal government is requiring that they follow environmental law in replacing the water lines, which pass through wilderness areas.  The conservative description of this, from a comment on Town Hall:

"Stalin murdered 3 MILLION Ukrainians by blocking shipments of food because of its opposition to Moscow; Gorbachev cut of the electricity to Lithuanuia when it wanted to be independent.

And now WE have marxist thugs who are essentially doing the same thing!"

Well, I guess we always knew that safe water was a Communist plot.

And now, two stories found at Town Hall, one after the other:

"Harry Reid: Republicans Are Already "Digging the Trenches" on Debt-Ceiling Debate...Does this man just live in la-la-land or what?"

"House Speaker Boehner reopens debt limit brawl"

I mean, what do you do with people who are this shameless?

J. Christian Adams:  "53,000 Dead Voters Found in Florida"

This is a really serious threat to the integrity of our electoral system.  Do you know how many of these 53,000 dead voters were found by Mr. Adams  to have voted?  Well, none, actually, but just ignore that fact.  They are clearly going to be getting out of their graves any day now, and lining up to cast their ballots.  And as we all know, the dead always vote Democratic.*  After all, which party helps people who don't have jobs?

And now this news:

"From PJTV, an In-Depth Interview with Dennis Prager"

God protect us.

Bob Owens:  "So You Want To Own a Gun (Part Three)”

Part three?  Just go to the gun store and buy it already.  How much help do you need?  Don't forget to get some bullets too.

Chris Adamo, Renew America:  “Can liberals "wish" socialist utopia into existence?”

Yeah, if you’d just get out of our fucking way, idiot.

Frank Louis, Renew America:  “President Obama: "I want everyone treated fairly in this country." Among other things...what does he mean?”

Well, here is what he means.  He wants everyone treated fairly in this country.  See, that wasn’t so hard to figure out, was it?

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Classy!… Far Left ‘Recaller’ Screams “Walker, You Suck!” at POLICE MEMORIAL During Scott Walker Speech"

That's it.  That's what is so wrong with liberalism.  One guy yelled something.  Terrible, huh?

On the other hand, from the same day at Gateway Pundit:

"Protesters Interrupt Pro-Abortion Sebelius at Catholic Georgetown Commencement"

A very noble thing.

Madeline Crabb, Renew America:  "We know Barack Obama attended Harvard, and was president of the Law Review. With just those credentials, he could have obtained employment at countless top-notch law firms around the nation — maybe the world. Instead, he wanted to be a community organizer... The question many ask is why. It makes no sense"

Unless, of course, you believe it is a good idea to help your fellow man.  That would leave you out, Madeline, and all of your right wing compatriots, wouldn't it?

Bryan Darling, Town Hall:  "Are gun voters being taken for granted? Republicans control the House and self-styled pro-gun Democrats abound in the Senate. So why has neither chamber addressed any of the major gun rights issues awaiting resolution? "

Uh, because there are none?  Because the "threats" to the second amendment are just one more gigantic Republican lie to stir up the stupid?

James E. Miller, American Thinker:  "A Glimpse of What Privatized Roads Could Look Like"

Like This?

Town Hall:  "Newt: Bain Attacks "Didn't Work" For Me--They Won't Work For Obama Either"

Newt, having Jesus Christ stump for you wouldn't have worked.  Deal with it.

Newt Gingrich:   "Obama's a pretty bad venture capitalist, and remember, he's doing it with your money."

Yeah, Newt, Obama is a pretty bad venture capitalist.  The only time he tried it, he saved both of the companies involved, and he didn't even rip them off for tens of millions of dollars for himself.  This guy doesn't have a clue about venture capitalism.  

Luckily for us, he's got a pretty good grip on what he's supposed to be doing as President.  That's why the Republicans didn't quite succeed in causing another depression.

Donald Lambro, Town Hall:  "Obama Says Private Investment is Bad For The U.S. Economy"

Donald, listen and try to understand this:  Ripping companies off for everything they have and leaving them to go bankrupt is not what is traditionally referred to as "investing."

AWR Hawkins, Town Hall:  "Aborted Child Born Alive and Left to Die"

This happened in Vietnam.  That's why it's news.  In the United States, all babies are left by right wingers to die, after they are born, once they are no longer of any value for getting the ignorant and stupid to vote Republican.  Anyway, this story provided Mr. Hawkins an opportunity to tell one of the most disgusting lies you will hear in a long time:

"Had this terrible situation arisen in Illinois when Barack Obama was a state senator, it would have been illegal for doctors or nurses to try to save the child once it was discovered alive. "

Well, let's just move on from that.  Just wait, though- you are going to hear a lot worse before this election season is over.

Vicki Alger, Town Hall:  "Honor Veterans by Giving Their Children Better Education Options"

School vouchers.  Yup, if you are not for school vouchers, you are attacking the troops.  Take that, liberals!

Jackie Gingrich Cushman:  "I love my sister Kathy, but she also is an incredible inspiration to me -- and might be to you, once you hear her story."

She survived being raised by Newt?  That is amazing.

Robert Wargas, PJ Media:  "Please, Please, Please Call Me a Racist.  It's become a badge of honor."

Among Conservatives, Robert.  It's a badge of honor among Conservatives.

*This excludes, of course, people who are only brain-dead.  They vote Republican.


the yellow fringe said...

What a shame the GOP voters didn't all get to shift their social security and medicare over to wall street managers in 2007. Their checks would be lower now for all of them, and for some of them, their checks would be zero now.

attack on Iran said...

Yes yellow fringe, or else would have ended up in one of Madoff's funds!

Dave Dubya said...

"Vetting" is their projection of their own failure to vet Palin.