Monday, May 7, 2012

Nothing but Lies

The deliberate falsehoods from Mitt Romney continue:

"Romney falsely claiming Bush had better job growth than Obama...

As Paul Krugman notes in the NYT, Romney is promising 500,000 jobs a month by returning us to the economic policies of the "wonderful" Bush years.

As Business Insider shows, even excluding the disastrous final year, Bush only generated an average of 65,000 jobs per month - compared to 131,000 per month under Obama. If you count everything, the number was an anemic 20,000."

20,000 jobs a month.  Just the sort of magnificent performance that shows exactly what Republican stewardship of the economy really means.

Romney and the Republicans continue to fabricate a totally fictitious narrative about what happened during both the Bush and Obama administrations.  It is all they have, since no one who knows the truth would ever vote for Romney (unless, like Romney, they are massively rich, and they think that another economic collapse would never hurt them personally.)


Anonymous said...

Obama is the one who wants to go back to the policies of the Bush years of giving 500,000 loans to those making 20,000 per year.
Those were the policies that got us here. You know who you can thank for that but I wouldn't want any facts to get in the way of your "lies"

Anonymous said...

Secondly when you have unemployment numbers of 4 per cent you don't have enough people unemployed to create 131,00 jobs per month because guess what? Most of them are already working.

Grung_e_Gene said...

But, Mitt wants to believe it! So come on Wingnut Right-Wing Blog-o-sphere believe!

Say it with me!



Green Eagle said...

Anonymous, if you are trying to tell us one more lie about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, come right out and say so. Virtually none of the subprime mortgages had anything to do with these agencies. They were all the product of crooked private lenders, who were enabled to commit this massive theft by the deregulation of the financial industry brought about as a result of the screaming abuse of Republicans since Reagan.

Here is a reasonable discussion of this issue:

On a more general level, the real estate bubble was caused by exactly the same thing as the 1927 real estate bubble which did a lot to precipitate the crash: Too much money in the hands of the rich, and no meaningful investment vehicles for that money. That is why we must massively increase taxation on the rich until this 1/100th of one percent of the populace no longer represent a mortal threat to the rest of us.

Green Eagle said...

By the way, Anonymous, once again, you have no meaningful answer to the facts I have presented, so you go off on a completely irrelevant rant making the standard lying conservative claims.

You really need to think about what motivates this behavior.

Green Eagle said...

Anonymous, that's enough for today. I'm going to delete your latest pack of tendentious lies. Don't like it? Try a little honesty some day.